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    Because all they see are indictments/convictions on "unrelated" charges that don't contain the words collusion, conspiracy and are not capable of understanding the long process involved. That plus the whole, once you're in a cult, its hard to admit it and seek help.
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    The hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, ignorance - whatever you want to call it - is astounding! I'm still worried the other side lacks balls and decent messaging, so, you know.....November will be interesting.
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    I still don't understand how a large portion of the country can continue to keep their head in the sand about the traitor in the White House, but ok
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#6** They should never have got married. These two foreign born co-stars for awhile longer on their pay cable show have been in nonstop fight mode. He still hasn't got over his other co-star.