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  1. Lizzinizzi

    Plastic Surgery

    Me too. I hope she feels happy, and doesn't take it to the next level.
  2. Lizzinizzi

    Celeb Death Watch

    Pat Conroy. One of my literary favorites. Heartbroken.
  3. Lizzinizzi

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    Great minds think alike Princess
  4. Lizzinizzi

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    Ryan Reynolds F*ck Ben Affleck Kill Harrison Ford Marry (ahhhhh Han Solo) Here's the next...... Idris Elba Kevin Spacey Paul Rudd
  5. Lizzinizzi

    Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) Caught on Tape

    I don't know the laws, but I do know that it is a travesty that NOTHING was done if this is true. Did he magically become a non-pedophile? I don't see how anyone could sit on this without any thought that it may still be happening.
  6. Lizzinizzi

    Emmys 2014

    I was upset The Americans and Orphan Black were denied.
  7. Lizzinizzi

    Extant - Halle Berry sci-fi on CBS

    Glad to hear your thoughts - I can delete from my DVR in that case That said she'll probably win an Emmy.
  8. Lizzinizzi

    Extant - Halle Berry sci-fi on CBS

    It was ridiculously bad. It received good reviews, so I was hopeful. Halle Berry was miscast, she was not at all believable in the roll. Downhill from there.
  9. Lizzinizzi


    Loving the new layout!
  10. Lizzinizzi

    Plastic Surgery

    It's been a while, so I will say it again, Dear Hollywood, stop f-ing with your faces, your lips, your boobs, we know what you looked like before, and frankly, you are scaring us. Sincerely, Everyone
  11. Lizzinizzi

    Tom Cruise

    Haha Maxie!
  12. Lizzinizzi

    Downton Abbey

    Yay! I am OBSESSED!!!!
  13. Lizzinizzi

    The Middle

    As an actress, she's fine. But as a human being, I find her views repellent and that affects my ability to enjoy her in a tv show these days. Much like I won't be able to watch Mel Gibson again..... On board with that 100%.
  14. Lizzinizzi

    Our Chit Chat Family

    Yay!!! Happy days are here!!!
  15. Lizzinizzi

    Celeb Death Watch

    She really lost herself. So sad.