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  1. couleur

    Brad and Angelina

    Down syndrome seems highly unlikely. They're fraternal twins (one's a boy, one's a girl, right?) so that's two different eggs. Angelina is ~32, so her odds of having 1 egg with a triple chromosome is slim --> ovulating 2 such eggs would be astronomically small. And, the two kids look like each other and they look like Shiloh. It's just a weird mix of genetics -- pouty lips coupled to fat baby cheeks.
  2. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    I can see why Rebecca wouldn't vote for Amanda but I don't understand why the old folks kept Amanda instead of Shay. It seems like Amanda is the bigger threat to lose more weight and she had fewer reasons to be on the ranch (i.e. no kids at home, at a much healthier weight than Shay, etc). Annabeast, I'm not sure they showed us what they looked like. We got to see their home comings. Shay said she is hoping to lose the most weight ever on biggest loser (213 pounds total) and they sent Daniel to visit the friend who was on the show last year (David?), who it turns out, isn't trying to lose weight. The blurb said Daniel has a girlfriend. I really hope that the producers don't try to bring back an old contestant (i.e. Shay) again the next year. I do, however, like it when the former folks make occassional appearances, and it would be interesting to have a "former contestant visit" weekly during the new season. Everyone lost *so* much weight this week, it makes me wonder if they all used a diuretic (like caffeine) or just didn't hydrate as much as they would have normally in order to avoid the red line. The only one who didn't need to do that was Rudy, which makes me think he'll be set up for a big weight loss next week.
  3. couleur


    I think Irina and Althea were both very lucky that the judges decided to make the decision of who to auf based on the entire season's work rather than the crap they each sent down the runway this challenge. I don't care a bit about who wins this season. There's no originality at all. Actually, I'll be pissed if Althea wins -- not a week goes by that I don't want to slap a bra on her model.
  4. couleur

    Top Chef- Vegas, Baby!!!!!

    What a terrible reunion show.
  5. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    Add me to the group of people who were glad to see Tracey go. I do feel bad for her, because I think it'll be difficult to continue to work out at home with 4 small kids. But, she was so annoying.... I wouldn't mind seeing both Shay and Dan go. Oh, and Amanda, too. She can go home, too.
  6. couleur


    I keep watching because I keep thinking it will get better as more designers are eliminated and we get to see the remaining folks sew and hear the critiques of their clothes. I really wish the producers could figure out a way to discuss all the looks rather than just a few. As far as the season goes... I'm just meh on the challenges. I don't think they've done much that is interesting. I liked the movie genre one (produced some looks that gave us insight into the designers) and I liked the idea of the Bob Mackie/CA stage-look costume. But, blue was boring, wedding dress was boring, the guest judges are boring, etc. I'm bummed that now that I finally learned how to tell Irina apart from Shirin, Shirin is gone. But, I don't think she had the wherewithal to win it all.
  7. couleur

    Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

    I don't really think this relationship will last, but I do have some sympathy for LeAnn Rimes. I think she got married too young, to someone who seems nice enough but -- let's be honest -- is widely assumed to be gay, and now she wants to move on with her life. I do wish she had taken up with someone single.
  8. couleur


    It's too bad that Malvin was sent home last week for the egg outfit, rather than Mitchell. I would have liked to see his approach to the avant garde look. Mitchell never had a chance to add anything to this competition, and he should have gone last week. I'm glad that Ra'mon made it through the challenge of having to pair with Mitchell. BUT, I did not think his looks were very good. I couldn't believe it when Rachel Bilson and Heidi both said they would wear his green splotchy dress. The fit of that top was truly awful. I liked Christopher and Logan's avant garde look the best, but that didn't even get a comment. I wish we got to hear about all the pairs, rather than just the top and bottom two. To me, the editing of the discussions between Qristal and Epperson really make it look like he was the more reasonable one in the pair. (Edited because I can't spell)
  9. couleur

    Top Chef- Vegas, Baby!!!!!

    Anyone watching this? It's frustrating to watch at the early stages, when there isn't really time to show what the chefs are cooking. You get the sense some are good -- Jennifer, Kevin, probably one (but possibly 2 or neither) of the brothers. Some are not going to make it (Eve, Preeti, the very pierced Jesse). But there's a whole bunch that might be interesting, if only we could actually see them cook instead of have long asides about their brotherly rivalry, frustrations at catering a straight wedding, etc.
  10. couleur


    I couldn't believe it. I liked the 3 piece collection all right, but the restaurant dress looked like what a suicide bomber would wear. What woman in the world would strap a bunch of tubes around her midsection???? He did not deserve the win, but I truly think they gave it to him because his red carpet dress was the best of the finalists. Frankly, I thought Uli should have won, but she was eliminated right off the top. Maybe it looked different in person.... I thought Lindsey Lohan was fine as a guest judge, but I do like it better when they have designers because the critique seems more grounded (i.e. they explain why something is old, difficult to make, shoddy, etc.)
  11. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    Ron is coming off as a jerk. I'd love to see him booted.
  12. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    I record the show and then fast forward through all the commercials and repetitions -- I swear it's less than 1 hour if you do!
  13. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    I wasn't watching closely, but I think the decision went on a straight Bob/Jillian lines, so that everyone who voted for the brown team was on Bob's team and everyone who voted for orange was on Jillian's team. (Similarly, the brown team would have voted to eliminate Joelle, while orange would have voted to eliminate Damian.) The reason that brown and black had two team members goes back to the first episode. At the weigh-in they were informed that every team would be sending one of its members home, except the team that had won immunity (black team) and the team with the highest percentage of weight loss (brown team). I'm glad that more of the family members are back.
  14. couleur

    Biggest Loser - Families

    Oh, I'm convinced that this is the reason. It makes me dislike Jillian's team because Joelle really deserved the boot, rather than Damien. It didn't look like he'd lost nearly as much weight as Jerry has since leaving the show.
  15. couleur

    What are you reading?

    Just started reading "The Enchantress of Florence" and am really enjoying it so far. I've never read any Salman Rushdie before, since I had him pegged as way too serious after the Satanic Verses fatwah mess.