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  1. ollysmum

    Celeb Death Watch

    Such a tragic waste of life and raw talent. We all have our demons, some of us choose to try and escape them by self-medicating, hit rock bottom and manage to find a way back up (9 years clean and counting) and some just spiral into a vicious circle of getting clean, re-using, getting clean ..... I hope Amy and her troubled soul are at peace now. I also hope that scumsucking c**t of an ex-husband of hers, rots in hell for starting her on the truly devastating path that has led to her sad and way too early death. RIP Amy, the newest member of the 27 Club.
  2. ollysmum

    Royal Wedding

    I'll bet my British backside she approved the wedding dress!! There's no way on God's green earth she didn't know what it looked like.
  3. ollysmum

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I've just read this on MSN ....... Lindsay Lohan has been released on bail from a Los Angeles County jail, just hours after she was sentenced to 120 days for violating her probation. According to the sheriff department's website, Lohan was released on 75,000 US dollars bail. Earlier, a judge reduced the actress' charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanour for allegedly taking a designer necklace from an upscale Venice store. Lohan's solicitor, Shawn Holley, filed a notice of appeal before court closed, clearing the way for the actress' release within hours. Earlier, judge Stephanie Sautner also ordered Lohan to serve more than 400 hours of community service, including 300 hours at a women's centre. Ms Sautner refused to dismiss the theft case against Lohan, but said she often sees more serious cases that get reduced to lesser charges. "I see the intent here," Ms Sautner said. "I see a level of brazenness with 'Let me see what I can get away with here'." Ms Sautner ruled that prosecutors had shown that Lohan violated her probation, but also said in reducing the charge that she was going to give the actress "an opportunity." Lohan entered a not guilty plea. The Mean Girls star arrived at the courthouse wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, blue trousers and a scarf. Lohan has been a courthouse fixture since last May when she missed a hearing in her drunken driving case. Since then, two judges have sent her to jail twice and rehab, also twice.
  4. ollysmum

    Why won't they STFU?

    Dear God, somebody give that girl a reality slap. Pot kettle black.
  5. ollysmum

    Ricky Gervais

    I've been to see Ricky Gervais live and I have to say I think he is totally unfunny. I know stand-up is based on taking the mickey out of things/people/situations and that's fair enough but his act had an undercurrent of nastiness and in some places, jealousy I think. He comes across as incredibly smug and arrogant and I really started to dislike him. I walked out of the show when he started making jokes about kids with cancer. Just vile.
  6. ollysmum

    Celeb Death Watch

    Really sad about Pete Postlethwaite. The guy was a legend. R.I.P
  7. ollysmum

    John Travolta

    London, Nov 24 (IANS) Hollywood star John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have welcomed their third child, a baby boy, and named him Benjamin. The 48-year-old actress gave birth to Benjamin Tuesday in Florida and both mother and baby are fine, reports contactmusic.com. 'John, Kelly and their (10-year-old) daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully,' said a source close to the couple. The couple had announced the pregnancy in May. Their friends called the new-born a 'healing baby' after the couple's 16-year-old son Jett died two years ago when he suffered a seizure during a family holiday to Bahamas.
  8. ollysmum

    British Royals

    I'm not a monarchist either and the thought of having endless months of this is killing me!! Apparently the Governemnt thinks that it will "lift the spirits" of the ordinary folk in hard times. And they'll give us a Bank Holiday just to sweeten us even more. Whoopie do. Hoping we'll forget the fact we pay around £45 million per year (and that doesn't count policing and security, that's an extra bill we pay) to keep them which really irks me when I'm having to work my arse off doing 60 hr weeks so my son and I can have a basic standard of living. But no doubt even if we don't end up paying for the actual wedding we'll foot the bill for the soldiers, police, security etc that will be used on the day. Maybe it's time they realised the UK is in recession and footed the bill themselves. Bet it don't happen though.
  9. ollysmum


    Just read this on msn..... Pink (real name Alecia Moore) is reportedly pregnant with her first child! According to US Weekly, the Funhouse singer, who is married to Carey Hart, is 12 weeks into her pregnancy. She was rumoured to be expecting a baby earlier this year, but those rumours were proved to be false. They have yet to officially confirm the news, but knowing Pink and her Twitter presence, she'll let her fans know soon enough!
  10. ollysmum

    Alyssa Milano

    Yeah it's had that much Botox and surgery it don't move!
  11. ollysmum

    Ricky Martin

    Blimey, talk about stating the bleedin' obvious!!
  12. ollysmum

    Tom Cruise

    ....... Tom must want a biological son to pass on the gene pool.” That sentence frightens and horrifies me! Poor kid.
  13. ollysmum

    Anthea Turner

    Ha ha ha if you had posted some recent pics of her then maybe I would agree. Oh and Madonna foxy??? Really?? Desperate is the first word that popped into my head. In both cases. Superfans make me laugh. Princess, maybe we can start a UK thread so all the other non-entity so-called celebs we have can be put in one place. And forgotten about.
  14. ollysmum

    Anthea Turner

    Lol Sanlee!! Her claim to fame is that she was a breakfast TV presenter who was apparently such a pain in the arse to work with, one of her co-presenters nicknamed her "Princess Tippy-toes". She then caused a scandal by having an affair with a close friends' husband and subsequently ran off and married him. At said wedding, which of course was covered by Hello/OK/WhoGivesAShit she caused a stir by publicising a new chocolate bar on the market and then claimed she was set up! Of course you were dear. Since then she has just generally irritated people by claiming to be a domestic goddess/wonderful stepmother/perfect wife blah blah blah. And that deserves a thread???? I think not.