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  1. SexyLexie

    Celeb Death Watch

    She was photographed with Hugo Clement, a journalist. The photos are still online and can be found by googling their names. My heart still aches over these recent deaths. They were both so shocking and back to back.
  2. SexyLexie

    Divorce in 2018: Who'll do it, soonest?

    I found this interesting. No one guessed Aniston and Theroux in the poll because they aren't actually married http://www.tmz.com/2018/02/17/jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-not-married-marriage-license/
  3. SexyLexie

    Golden Globes 2018

    I don't think they made it in the divorce poll. Maybe they need to be included next year...
  4. SexyLexie

    Golden Globes 2018

    Did everyone already forget Ryan Seacrest had sexual harassment accusations against him, too???
  5. SexyLexie

    Brad and Angelina

    Per Lainey, Dakota has been hooking up with Chris Martin: http://www.laineygossip.com/dakota-johnson-spotted-at-coldplays-show-in-argentina-fueling-chris-martin-dating-rumours/48437
  6. SexyLexie

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    Add Dustin Hoffman to the list, as well. More men have already come out against Spacey...
  7. SexyLexie

    Celeb Death Watch

    We must be "neighbors." I was very shocked and saddened by the news of his passing. I somehow missed the news that he was sick :-(
  8. SexyLexie

    Lip Sync Battle

    I LOVE this show! One of my favorite performances was The Rock doing "Shake It Off." It was hysterical!
  9. SexyLexie

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    This just made me break out in laughter while foam rolling. I'm in extra pain now! Lol
  10. SexyLexie

    Oscars 2017

    Her agent (again): https://www.bustle.com/p/who-is-scarlett-johanssons-2017-oscar-date-she-was-spotted-with-a-ryan-reynolds-y-looking-guy-40728 I was hoping for some good gossip. :-|
  11. SexyLexie

    Oscars 2017

    Who is Scarlett Johansson's date????
  12. SexyLexie

    Award Shows 2017

    It looks like they just announced them. I got an email from ABC about it: http://oscar.go.com/nominees
  13. SexyLexie

    Baby Boom

    I call chips & guac & margaritas food baby. Yeah, I'm gonna need one of those babies in me STAT ETA: too bad I'm still recovering from last weekend's bad-decision baby I have a wine and carbs food baby that I refuse to give up Those all sound like the best babies to have! (No offense to anyone who has a human or fur baby....)
  14. SexyLexie

    Baby Boom

    Jennifer Aniston pregnant? She looks like she's definitely sporting a baby bump instead of her usual chiseled abs.
  15. SexyLexie

    Celeb Death Watch

    Robin Williams died this morning???? Wasn't he just in rehab recently? http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/08/11/robin-williams-dead-at-63/