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  1. onchic2000

    Jessica Alba

    Seems like she has been pregnant forever, when is she due? Yeah she looks horrible in that cover shot compared to what she normally looks like, b/c IMO she is very pretty, just very bitchy and needs to smile more, but she is pregnant and she looks a lot better than I could've while I was even if I was airbrushed! I know she has to be miserable b/c the last strectch is almost unbearable. I am not ashamed to admit this either, but I gained 80 lbs with my first and 65 with my 2nd and I hated being pregnant. I liked feeling them kick and knowing that I had something growing inside me but everything else sucked! I was HUGE, my face was bloated, I couldn't wear my jewelry or socks b/c of the swelling, I had morning sickness with both, etc... So with that being said I love being a mom, but the pregnancy part of it is the worst!
  2. onchic2000

    Wesley Snipes

    I think that there were eight counts against him and he got off on five of them, but got a year for each of the 3 remaining. I could be wrong, but I think that is what I heard on the news this morning while I was getting ready for work.
  3. onchic2000

    Halle Berry

    I like Halle, but I am not feeling the hair on her. I think it ages her. I know we all won't agree, but I like the straight locks better.
  4. onchic2000

    Jessica Alba

    LOL that is exactly what I thought when I saw her in that pink dress!
  5. onchic2000

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    That is exactly what I was thinking.