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  1. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    George HW Bush - passed at the age of 94 Friday. I may not have agreed with him politically but he was such a class act. So happy he is able to be at peace - I feel he has wanted this for some time.
  2. branchop

    Heather Locklear

    Wait - they molested? My stomach just turned .... how did I miss this?
  3. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    I call BS on this. This is just another way for them to stay relevant and try to get another reality season either in BB or somewhere else. These two are so attention starved and mad they couldn’t make it work in BB. Shame on CBS for giving them so much time
  4. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    So all that talk about being a game jury, and they didn’t vote game. Kaycee had no game except to win comps and ride Tyler’s coattails. I watched it live and had to stop the recording and then fast forward so I didn’t have to watch that awful proposal. I am mad that after such an amazing season they allowed such antics to take up so much of the final episode’s time. i did see about Cody and Jess - I do not like Cody. I agree I cannot believe she moved out there and I hope everything goes well for them. All in all a great season! I hope they don’t try to bring back Tyler at all, although he and Level 6 is what made the season.
  5. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    If Kaycee is in final 2 - my bet is she wins. But Tyler definitely had the better social game, so depending on how mad the jury is, He may pull it out I get the feeling no matter what Tyler is taking Kaycee. The only way he takes JC is if production gets in his head. He would rather risk the money to Kaycee than JC I simply cannot believe JC got to final three.
  6. branchop

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    Yes you are right! It was for Stoneman. Miranda was all over the news for these two events last year - rightly so
  7. branchop

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    I am headed to Hamilton on the tour through Charlotte next month! I am a season ticket holder so I thankfully automatically got seats. Bonus I was aseason ticket lottery winner and had the opportunity to buy two more. I am really really excited!!! Next year Dear Evan Hanson will be here, and I cannot wait for that either. I love the mashup song with Hamilton that they did for Hurricane Irma last year...
  8. branchop

    2018 Emmy Awards

    I tuned out after the opening was just SNL people over and over. I love that they own their jokes no matter what, but they were super bad. Hoya is outside Raleigh, who I think faired okay, maybe some power outages. I am outside Charlotte and except for Sunday when all three main arteries out of my neighborhood were flooded, we were fine. My Husband works during the week in Fayetteville and his apt was evacuated. It is devastating in Wilmington and the southeastern part of the State.
  9. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    I love the Victor/Nicole ending. I cannot imagine B.B. not coming back. It is too inexpensive to put on, and too popular. Another network would sweep it up in a hot second. Julie Chen is another matter. I guess that has everything to do with if she stays at CBS....
  10. branchop

    GPS Trackers

    I use the find my friends app included with the iPhone. I track my kids and husband, and they have no idea when I track them. They forget we have it. No alerts etc on either phone (unless you set them up) When I took my cheer squad to Disney, I used it there with all of them and it worked great!
  11. branchop

    Heather Locklear

    Every time this thread pops up now, I fear the worst😢
  12. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    Will Hayleigh go down as the worst Head of Household? The whole time Tyler was talking to her I was thinking Brer Rabbit begging not to be thrown in the briar patch. I think Rockstar is going home. As well she should. But man to be out on your alliance’s HOH week.
  13. branchop

    Brad and Angelina

    This is the kind of BS that makes me loathe her. Is she trying to appeal to the masses - “you know girlfriend, I can’t get Brad to pay for half of the private jet?”. My single mom friends would love to be self sufficient and not worry about money from their ex, just to have one less thing to stress about. Some of my single mom friends, have to support their kids all by themselves, and still make sure the Dad sees the kids regularly. And they choose between food and clothes. Angie has no clue. She is worth $160M to his $240M. What, in all that is holy, does she need any money from him for? I understand “the principle thing” but seriously, I am not even sure why there is any sort of support at all. It ALMOST makes me like the second most pretentious celebrity female and her “uncoupling”. With all the celebrity divorces, have we ever heard this much about custody and support? No, because they all realize their kids and matters related to their kids should be kept private. Just like Brad is doing.... Note to self: stay off this thread Bran, it just makes you really really mad 😂
  14. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    I heard all of this too! I do not subscribe to the feeds, but I am loving this season. A whole bunch of crazy going on. I will not miss Bayleigh if she goes home. I cannot believe she and Swaggy C were so stupid. Tyler is playing the best game!
  15. branchop

    George Clooney

    Clooney and Canalis split June 22, 2011, 12:07 PM EST WENN George Clooney is single again after splitting with longtime girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. The "Ocean's Eleven" star and his girlfriend released a joint statement to People.com on Wednesday, confirming the sad news. It reads, "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy." The split comes just days after TV presenter and model Canalis gave a heart-warming interview to Italian magazine Chi, in which she said, "I am very happy at the moment... We are a couple that never gets bored." She also hinted that she was hoping to one day become Mrs. Clooney, adding, "I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married."
  16. branchop

    Divorce in 2018: Who'll do it, soonest?

    I am not sure I could even date a Skeeter.... But she was married to Narvel forever, so I cannot decide if that is a move in the right or wrong direction 😂
  17. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    That makes so much sense! There is also a rumor that Kaitlyn and Fessi did the deed before live feeds. Which adds a whole nother level of Wow to his veto decision.
  18. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    I love that the votes are always split and some people are just plain sneaky. I like Sam, but was shocked she didn’t use her app last week. Kaitlyn had to have thrown that win back in puzzle. Why would she sit there for so long with her hands in her head and lose by a second? Overall good so far and I think a lot of that has to do with no returners this year...
  19. branchop


    Have a great vacation!!!
  20. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    Wow! Somehow this makes me feel better
  21. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    There is no way that this robot thing is the worst sort of punishment. I just keep thinking, how is she going to stay in the house if she cannot connect with any of them. I like her a lot. If she can get past this week, and out of the robot, I think she will go far, not being perceive as a threat. Winston is very pretty, but what in the world is wrong with him, that he had no one to say goodbye to him before he went in the house? Swaggy is playing way too hard for week one. He and Bayleigh need to chill on their “ride or die” connection. It is too early in the game for all that. i thought Tyler was going to do the same but then he nominated the two most blah people for eviction, so he smartened up. As soon as I saw Rachel I thought “another Rachel from Vegas” ugh! But so far she is okay. All the girls run together for me right now, but hopefully it will thin out and I can make a connection. I am not a new age person, so aura girl is way over the top. This is my least favorite time of the season. Too many people for me to care about yet 😂😂
  22. branchop

    Big Brother 20

    Well you know me and my girls will be!!! As a matter of fact my 18year old has a reminder on her phone😂😂
  23. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    So sad:(.
  24. branchop

    Television 2018-2019

    And all these people upset about freedom of speech were applauding the NFL just one short week ago. I tried to watch it, but I just couldnt. I felt like I was putting $$ in her pocket, although she had all these wonderful actors with her 🙄