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  1. mostlylurker

    Celeb Encounters

    Ive lived in nyc and seen lots of folks. Woody allen and mia farrow and their brood dining together (early or mid 80's). John Kennedy Jr held a door open for me. He was better looking than most humans and took me a moment to recognize him. His mother Jackie O. use to love my dog and she would stop to say hi to her all the time. Sigourney Weaver ive seen a few times and she is stunning. Very normal. I once baby sat sean lennon when he was very little and i was reintroduced to him again recently. Spitting image of his dad. Saw Tucker Carlson in some self-propelled buggy in new orleans a couple of years ago. He looked as douchy and self-satisfied as he does on the news. I had my hair done next to Ann Curry about 20 years ago (or more even) when I was a kid and she was very bubbly. It was at NBC studies as the person who did our hair was working there. Don't ask me how we were allowed in for that. I just followed my mom. Met peter jennings who asked me to take a letter to someone at ABC news when I bumped into him in the hall. He was very charming. Ive see Ralph Finnes, do hamlet in nyc about 20 years ago. Maybe 15. Also patrick stewart do A christmas carol (amazing) and also at a cast party for the movie Jeffrey around 1994. Also went to the cast party for dallas (i was a kid and hated it until i was told one of the people there was the Man From Atlantis and the other the guy from Jeannie). Charline Tilton was a doll to me. Also hung out and ultimately snuck into the hotel sometime in the 1980's for the Night of a 100 (or 1000...dont remember what they called it) stars. Saw Jimmy Stewart. I also knew Ian McLagan from the small faces who just passed, though not well. And I also am friends with Billy Bragg who is a very decent man. (you'd have to be an 80's alt music person to know him, or like Wilco).
  2. mostlylurker

    Brad and Angelina

    https://tv.yahoo.com/news/angelina-jolie-quit-acting-ive-195900118.html maybe this time it will stick. And she looks like a bobblehead doll of herself in this pic.
  3. mostlylurker

    Tom Cruise

    hell if you like that, you'll love this: "Poor Tom. The rigors of wrestling proved to be too much for his fragile knee. Forced to hang up his jock, he got involved with the school's production of Guys and Dolls. He dropped out of high school and the rest is history. Well, except for that photo spread in Parlee, a gay porn rag distributed throughout New York and New Jersey. Cruise's people denied that he had done any such posing, but confirmed once they were informed that issues with pictures do still exist. How frustrating that they couldn't refute the irrefutable. I think I can see his balls. " See pic: http://www.sweatpantserection.com/tom-cruise-gay.html
  4. mostlylurker

    Tom Cruise

    actually this is the perfect strategy for the PR. he's look an absolute fool to seriously date again. So have your dates "leaked'. brilliant.
  5. mostlylurker

    Celeb Death Watch

    just ew. any person having a handler with a coat around them because they lost their pants. ew.
  6. mostlylurker

    Justin Bieber

    he's a douche, punk, thug. take your pick. I vote douche.
  7. mostlylurker

    Justin Bieber

    yeah but the thing is, there is some sort of "reason" behind every douche. Every sociopath by definition has a socio-psycho reasons for their behavior. So fine feel bad when they're kids but once they're adults they are responsible for their own actions. He's just a douche. Not much sympathy.
  8. mostlylurker

    Justin Bieber

    better yet, send him back to canada. Canada! Beiber, Ford and sports riots? What is happening to you??
  9. mostlylurker


    its a very well written book.i read it last year.
  10. mostlylurker

    Old "Gossip A-List" site

    blind gossip seems to be really good. they reveal and a lot of stuff is proven.
  11. mostlylurker

    Tom Cruise

    and the pope isn't catholic. Ok well maybe right now that's not the best metaphore.
  12. mostlylurker

    People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive

    douchiest man live
  13. mostlylurker

    Tom Cruise

    First of all, shut it, Tom. Geesh. And who is they? Suri and her thetans? i hate to be defending GMD but he really wasnt making the comparison people are saying he did. PLease, by all means, dislike this shmuck. But this is the least of the reasons.
  14. mostlylurker

    Gossip columnists with new book

  15. mostlylurker

    Royal Wedding

    Yes, he was baptised Albert (hence the "Bertie", full name Albert Frederick Arthur George) and chose George as the name with which to serve as King. (Edward VIII, who abdicated for the love of that woman, was known as David and he had 4 or 5 names too) So the name with which they rule and the "family" name don't always have to be the same. They even have a word for it - it's the "regnal name". I love history :-) for a while its been suspect charles will take george VII as his regnal name.King Edward was known privately as David.