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  1. esherk

    The Kardashians

    Well, either way (own thread or part of this one) with Kanye being the biggest rock star on the planet, he would expect nothing less but his own message board I actually watched that clip you have on the link, first time I've ever seen him in an interview talking. Talk about pinging my gaydar!! Wow!! And let's over compensate by acting like an angry black man. LOL Yep..no straight guy would be so intense about designing leather jogging pants. :4biggrin:
  2. esherk

    Celeb Death Watch

    She was a great actress and Clue is still one of my favorite movies.
  3. esherk

    Amanda Bynes

    Taking away an adult's rights to their own life is VERY hard to do. Britney's parents filed when she was under 5150 hold as well. Unless you are under a current 5150/5250/5270, any paperwork you file to take away someone's rights is almost always automatically thrown out of court. Even with a current psychiatric hold, it is still VERY hard. Otherwise, you could have fighting siblings/parents/strangers filing to take away someone's rights all the time. As for blaming the parents for not "doing enough", being blamed for not "controlling" their kid's behavior is why so often parents suffer in silence. Amanda is an adult. Her parents have no legal action to take as long as Amanda is not a danger to herself or someone else. Yes - she did have to set herself, her dog and property on fire before any judge would step in. I have no doubt her parents have been living a nightmare for years. Also, Britney's parents did not succeed at their first attempt at Conservatorship. It was not until she had pretty much held her son hostage and had police and paramedics take her away that the Conservatorship was granted. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/artic...tage-drama.html
  4. esherk


    Not to cause too much controversy, but I wonder how much race is a factor. Could you imagine how outraged people would be if it was, for example, Taylor Swift instead of Rihanna. So many people (rightly) criticized Kanye for butting in during her acceptance speech, but you do not hear nearly the outrage against the jacka$$ that is Chris Brown.
  5. esherk

    Celeb Death Watch

    Wow. So much talent thrown away to drugs and alcohol. RIP
  6. esherk

    News of the World

    I am sure with some "campaign contributions" from the phone companies, the politicians will make sure they are protected.
  7. esherk

    News of the World

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43790889/ns/world_news-europe/ Looks like the pressure is still on...
  8. esherk

    News of the World

    Well said. I really hope people continue to put the pressure on and we also investigate news international's "business practices" here in the US.
  9. esherk

    Charlie Sheen

    With his abusive past, drug use along with mental illness and now waving a machete around...this is not going to end well.
  10. esherk

    Charlie Sheen

    That he is "bi-winning"? :4biggrin:
  11. esherk

    Charlie Sheen

    Good for Warner Brothers!
  12. esherk

    Charlie Sheen

    Oh I agree completely. This has the hallmarks of a raging manic episode. The fact his brain is probably so screwed up from drug use probably won't be helping. While it sure sounds manic, I question whether Charlie was ever on any psychiatric meds in the first place. He doesn't strike me as the type of guy to dabble in anything of a non illicit nature. Agreed, and he also seems to have way, way too much of an ego to seek help for or acknowledge any mental illness.
  13. esherk

    Charlie Sheen

    I find it interesting that Lindsay Lohan's drugged out antics have effectively ruined her career, but when Charlie Sheen is flying high he can trash a hotel room and terrorize someone yet still remains the highest paid actor on TV,
  14. esherk

    Mel Gibson

    I totally agree nosunlight. I really don't care that she may have "pushed his buttons." We all know people who push our buttons and that absolutely DOES NOT EVER JUSTIFY verbally abusing anyone!
  15. esherk

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    Not to defend her recent actions, but I think she was referring to someone in Iran(?) who is going to be stoned to death for adultery.