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    She's pregnant with his baby? She might take him back? This situation just gets worse and worse.
  3. plick

    Sienna Miller

    Sienna Miller confirms split with Balthazar Getty as she parties with Hollywood hunks until 4.20am By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 7:35 AM on 10th November 2008 Actress Sienna Miller has admitted she has split from boyfriend Balthazar Getty. The couple were rumoured to have parted after Sienna was spotted out and about alone in London recently and she was back in true party-girl form on Friday night when she hit the town until 4.20am. The Factory Girl star was all smiles as she enjoyed the company of three of the world's most eligible men - Olivier Martinez, Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DiCaprio. Sienna's first stop was the star-studded Hollywood Dominoes: VIP launch event at Mosimann's where she confirmed the split to American magazine Us Weekly. She told the magazine: 'I'm single at the moment, and I'm completely happy with that. 'It's nice not to have a relationship that the press constantly want to scrutinize and discuss. 'I'm cool with being on my own.' She was certainly attracting attention in a back-lace mini-dress and high heels and looked to be having fun with Kylie's ex Olivier. After Mosimann's - which was also put on for the benefit of Charlize Theron's Africa Outreach Project - Sienna went to Automat American diner in Knightsbridge until 2am where Olivier and Josh had also made their way to. She then hit exclusive Jalouse club where Leonardo DiCaprio was reported to have been partying. Miller and Getty's romance first made headlines in July when Getty, 33 - who was married at the time - was photographed kissing a topless Sienna, 26, on a boat in Italy. Just days later Brothers & Sisters star Getty announced that he and wife Rosetta, with whom he has four children, were separated. The statement read: 'In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the Internet which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed my wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further.' In August, Miller's home in North London was vandalized with the word 'slut' as the couple were spotted in both London and Los Angeles together. But their romance reportedly hit the rocks recently amid rumours Getty had been stalling on getting a divorce from wife Rosetta. And Miller's party lifestyle was also said to be creating friction between the couple. www.dailymail.co.uk
  4. plick

    Sienna Miller

    Yep. I absolutely agree with Hoyaheel that there is a double standard of behavior for male and female sexuality, and it might not be fair that Balthazar isn't also getting roasted in the press, but ultimately, Sienna only has herself to blame for this whole debacle.
  5. plick

    Morgan Freeman

    Girlfriend? I don't know, but it's crazy that he didn't have a thread before this.
  6. plick

    Sienna Miller

    Tearful Sienna in desperate bid to win back billionaire oil heir lover after he runs back to wife By Caroline Graham and Sharon Churcher Last updated at 2:52 PM on 03rd August 2008 Sienna Miller is said to be ‘devastated’ after her married lover ran home to his wife and four children. Sienna, 26, has been furiously calling and texting oil fortune heir Balthazar Getty after learning he had returned to Los Angeles to attempt a reconciliation with his wife, Rosetta. A source said: ‘Sienna and Balthazar were in New York for a few days together and then he told her he was going to LA to work and see his kids. But the reality is he is desperately trying to get back with his wife. ‘He realises he’s made a terrible mistake. He is trying to keep Sienna at arm’s length and hasn’t told her it is over yet so she is going frantic. ‘She has been calling and texting him constantly and is planning to go to LA herself as she believes she can win him back if they have a face-to-face meeting. 'She’s devastated that he has distanced himself from her both emotionally and geographically.’ The couple had met up in New York after being spotted frolicking at a beach on Italy’s Amalfi Coast two weeks ago. Sienna was photographed topless in Getty’s arms. Yesterday, he appeared flustered when approached at his £1.5million marital home in the Hollywood Hills, saying only: ‘I can’t comment. When I’m ready, I’ll issue a statement. It’s because of the children.’ According to a producer friend of 33-year-old Getty – a former drug addict and alcoholic who is receiving counselling – he has definitely dropped Sienna. The producer said: ‘Balthazar and Sienna seemed infatuated with each other when they were in New York last week but I heard the reason the whole Sienna fling happened was because he fell off the wagon. ‘As soon as Balthy arrived back in LA on Monday he started pleading with his wife to take him back. He told me he’d gone to their house but she wouldn’t let him in. He stood outside crying.’ The producer said: ‘He came back to a hotel and was on the phone to Rosetta on and off for two hours, crying and constantly calling and she finally agreed to let him back in the house. 'In his mind he has definitely dropped Sienna but he’s in a very confused state at the moment. His biggest fear is losing his kids.’ Other friends also claim that Getty, who is heir to a £2.5billion oil fortune, became infatuated by Sienna after falling off the wagon. One of them said: ‘He stopped ringing his counsellor and stopped going to meetings. Rosetta is convinced that him not being sober is the key to the whole mess with Sienna. ‘She is saying the only way she will take him back is if he agrees to addiction and marriage guidance counselling. He humiliated her but he is still the father of her four children.’ Actress Sienna, who dated Jude Law while he was still married to Sadie Frost and then dumped Rhys Ifans for Getty, has been confiding in her mother Jo, a drama teacher. A London-based friend said: ‘Sienna has been on the phone to her mother in tears asking her for advice. Jo knows Balthazar as she was with them in Italy. 'Jo has been telling Sienna to give Balthazar space. But Sienna is worried if she gives him too much space she will lose him. She already knows he is drifting away. If she knew he was at the house with his wife she would not like it at all.’ A spokeswoman for Sienna refused to comment. She is rumoured to have flown from New York to the Caribbean last Monday, the same day her married boyfriend returned to Los Angeles. The source said: ‘She is planning to fly to LA to see Balthy. She has no idea he is at the wife’s house. He told her he was going to see the kids.’ The scandal has left Sienna’s reputation in Hollywood in tatters. She has already attracted the nicknames ‘Sluttyenna’ and ‘Serial Miller’ because of her numerous high-profile affairs. A public relations executive told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Sienna’s reputation in Hollywood has gone from bad to worse. ‘People didn’t like it when she was running around with Jude Law while he was still married but this whole thing with Getty is the pits. ‘She is perceived as nothing more than a home-wrecker. It would be different if her movies did big numbers at the box office, but they don’t. 'It’s one thing to misbehave in private but when you cause a huge public scandal and then are photographed half naked with someone else’s husband, that is something that not only destroys marriages but it can also destroy careers. 'Sienna is on very thin ice. Rosetta is hugely popular.’ Rosetta, 38, who runs her own fashion house, counts Demi Moore, Courteney Cox and Patricia Arquette as her closest friends. The Gettys’ children are Cassius, eight, Grace, seven, Violet, four, and ten-month-old June. Rosetta declined to comment last night on a possible reconciliation. Meanwhile Sienna's jilted ex Rhys Ifans spent the last week trying to get over his heartbreak with a series of boozy nights out - with a string of beauties. The 40-year-old Notting Hill actor was spotted out with friends - and a pretty female companion - just a day after he enjoyed the latest in a series of dates with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly. Ifans was said to be devastated at his split with Sienna, who rubbed salt in the wounds by recently claiming their relationship was 'never that serious'. www.dailymail.co.uk
  7. plick

    Sienna Miller

    Love storm sees stunned 'Serial Miller' run home to dad in New York Last updated at 1:46 AM on 27th July 2008 Just a fortnight ago, she was pictured frolicking topless on a yacht with her new multi-millionaire actor boyfriend, but Sienna Miller has spent the past week in hiding after being snubbed by friends on both sides of the Atlantic. The 26-year-old actress, who has been nicknamed ‘Sluttyienna’ and ‘Serial Miller’ because of her increasingly long list of lovers, has fled to New York – where her father, banker Ed Miller, lives – to escape the backlash over her affair with Balthazar Getty, 33, I can report. Sources close to the GI Joe star say she has been ‘stunned’ by the fallout since her affair with the married father of four was revealed. ‘Her PR team in the UK had no idea about the affair because she kept it a secret from them,’ says my source. ‘When they tried to do damage limitation, it was too late. They are very worried about the effect this will have on her career. 'So much so they have taken to photographing journalists who write about Sienna.’ The source added: ‘Sienna is on an option to make two more GI Joe movies, which will make her a fortune, but there is genuine concern about how this negative publicity will affect the promotion around the first movie, which is due to come out next summer.’ Sienna has told friends she plans to keep a low profile for the rest of this summer. Meanwhile, Balthazar has returned to Los Angeles to be with his children, and sources in Hollywood say his estranged wife, designer Rosetta Millington, has started an anti-Sienna team among her chums. 'Sienna could not stay in London for fear of bumping into her ex, Rhys Ifans, whom she dumped in June, or worse, his friends who hate her,’ explains a source close to the actress. ‘She also got the message that she wasn’t very welcome in LA. Rosetta is very powerful and well connected. 'Patricia Arquette is a childhood friend and Demi Moore is one of her best friends. Naturally none of them will be inviting Sienna over for tea.’ A spokesman for Sienna declined to comment last night, but it sounds to me as though she might have to put hunting for a house in the Hollywood Hills on hold for a while. www.dailymail.co.uk
  8. plick

    Christian Bale

    Christian Bale 'flew off the handle after family begged for £100k' By Dan Newling, Mark Coleman and Liz Thomas Last updated at 9:55 AM on 24th July 2008 Batman star Christian Bale argued with his sister after she asked him for £100,000 to help raise her children, it was alleged today. The 34-year-old Batman star is reported to have snubbed the plea and allegedly 'pushed and shoved' Sharon and his mother Jenny, 61, during a row in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel on Monday. A source told The Sun: 'Christian is a very wealthy man and was asked to help his sister out financially. 'He was asked to loan her £100,000 but he refused and it caused an almighty row.' Jenny Bale is also said to have made highly disparaging comments about the star's glamorous wife of eight years, Sibi, 38, a former make-up artist and model. Last night, Bale attended the Spanish premiere of The Dark Knight in Barcelona, but refused to speak to reporters and made no comment about the incident. The astonishing family feud is said to have happened on Sunday evening in Bale's £6,000-a-night suite at the Dorchester hotel in central London. The women, who live relatively modest lifestyles in Dorset, were in capital to attend the following day's premiere of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight. However, the family group started to argue about money. A friend told the Daily Mail said: 'Things got out of control and he now says he wishes he just left the room. Normally Christian would just call a friend and go out to a pub to cool off. 'But he was literally trapped into this confrontation with his mother and sister because there was an army of paparazzi and fans outside.' Although police were informed about Sunday's incident, they decided to wait until they had spoken to the alleged victims before questioning Bale. Jenny and Sharon Bale gave their statements to police on Monday and on Tuesday Bale spent nearly five hours at Belgravia police station in central London. Though Jenny Bale - who formerly worked as a circus clown and now is a reflexologist - has previously spoken of her pride in her son, the two do not appear to be especially close. Christian Bale's parents split up when he was 13. Four years later, while his mother Jenny stayed in Bournemouth, Christian followed his father David to live in America. In stark contrast to Bale's multimillionaire Hollywood lifestyle, Jenny Bale lives in a modest £275,000, detached house in Southbourne, Dorset. She drives a VW Beetle decorated with angelwing motifs. She has worked a dancer, a sword-eater's assistant and has played the Queen of Hearts at an Alice in Wonderland children's theme park. She brought up Christian and his two sisters Louise and Sharon among a menagerie of family pets, including 12 cats, six dogs, two ponies, 24 guinea pigs, two rabbits and several stick insects. Christian Bale married Sandra 'Sibi' Blazic, 38, in 2000 after the couple met when she was working as a personal assistant to the actress Winona Ryder on the film Little Women. They have a three-year-old daughter. Yesterday one source close to Christian Bale revealed that the couple had recently been experiencing marital problems. The actor is also said to have been in a fragile state of mind following the death of his friend Heath Ledger, who also stars in The Dark Knight film, from a drugs overdose. Recently he also complained that he had been depressed and suffering from insomnia. Yesterday neither Jenny nor Sharon Bale - who lives very near her mother in a £240,000 semi-detached home - were willing to comment. www.dailymail.co.uk
  9. plick

    Sienna Miller

    Sienna Miller Sues Over Salacious Hookup Pics Gina Serpe Wed Jul 23, 8:44 AM ET Los Angeles (E! Online) - Sienna Miller has been called many things by the press. Pushover's not one of them. For the second time in seven months, the paparazzi-hounded actress has launched legal action against two British tabloids for running topless photos of her—this time with new beau Balthazar Getty—thereby setting off a particularly rousing round of home-wrecker rumors about Miller. Miller's law firm, Carter-Ruck, has served breach-of-privacy papers to News of the World, The Sun and Big Pictures, the photo agency that snapped the candids of Miller and Getty's clothes-eschewing vacation to Italy. Two articles and accompanying pics were published in each newspaper and on their respective websites, prompting Getty's still legally wed wife to label them "humiliating." Both publications have since removed the photos and stories from their sites. "Neither I nor my client will be commenting further," Miller's attorney, Mark Thomson, told London's Guardian newspaper on the fresh suit. Miller has gone down this path before, and to great results. In December, she was awarded more than $75,000 from both newspapers in an invasion-of-privacy suit for publishing nude photos of her illicitly snapped on the set of her forthcoming, skin-friendly flick, Hippie Hippie Shake. Though it seems small by U.S. punitive standards, the payout was one of the largest settlements of its kind in U.K. legal history.
  10. plick

    Christian Bale

    But Perez is quoting the British press, and more rags than just the Sun are reporting this story. They may be only slightly more reliable than Perez though, so I think I'm just going to wait and see how this plays out, but it isn't looking good. I would hate hate hate for this story to be true.
  11. plick

    Kate Hudson

    With her ears, she really really needs to never wear her hair up.
  12. plick

    Ashlee Simpson

    I like to think that her skin-tight "look at me I'm pregnant" attire is entirely related to branchop's conspiracy theory about Jessica really being the pregnant one.
  13. plick

    Jude Law

    www.dailymail.co.uk A Law unto himself: Why Jude's bed-hopping, wife-swopping ways are ruining his careerBy Nicole Lampert Last updated at 12:04 AM on 26th May 2008 Oh dear. Poor old Jude Law wants nothing more than to be taken seriously. He detests being known as the pretty boy of cinema, preferring to think of himself as a proper thespian in the Laurence Olivier mode. He hates being seen as a celebrity and followed by photographers, and is upset that people do not concentrate on his 'art'. Just last week he attempted to present himself as the biggest celebrity do-gooder since Angelina Jolie, with his latest film, which promotes nothing less than world peace. But despite his best efforts, scandal appears to have a way of pursuing him. A day after he talked seriously at the Cannes Film Festival about the documentary he has made with human rights' advocate Jeremy Gilley, and described how he was in tears when he met Afghan girls who were defying the Taliban by educating themselves, it was revealed he had enjoyed a steamy night with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly. The details were excruciating. After a pub dinner with Kimberly's father Rod and his wife Penny Lancaster, the pair went on to cheesy Essex nightspot the 195 Club, a favourite haunt of D-listers and footballers' wives. There, they downed glasses of £170-a-bottle pink champagne, and simply couldn't leave each other alone. Although the club's bouncers tried to stop fans taking photos of the enamoured pair, grainy pictures have emerged showing Jude and Kimberly in a graphically passionate embrace. They were later spotted rolling around on the lawn of a house, close to Rod's home. Jude was this week said to be mortified about the way news of his latest romance has emerged. 'He is really upset and annoyed that this story has got out in such a way, particularly as all he wants to be doing now is promoting his documentary,' said a source close to the actor. 'He has had his parents ringing up from their house in France wondering what is going on and his ex-wife Sadie is terrified that someone is going to show their children one of the pictures. 'She gently tried to take the mickey out of him about it, but he wasn't having any of it and lashed out at her, saying there had been plenty of embarrassing pictures of her in the past. 'When I saw him earlier this week he seemed really angry and the first thing he said was: "Don't even mention it to me. I don't want to discuss it." 'He really does try so hard to keep his private life out of the papers and hates being seen as a boy-about-town. Jude says this embarrassment is as bad as the time it was revealed he was cheating on his fiancée Sienna Miller with his children's nanny.' It was through Sadie Frost, I can reveal, that Jude, 35, first met Kimberly - although it is unlikely Sadie ever envisaged any romance between her somewhat snobbish ex-husband and the 29-year-old blonde whose career highlights include posing in the nude, underwear modelling and starring in a reality show called Living With Kimberly Stewart. Kimberly had been taken to a party at Sadie's house by friend Kelly Osbourne, who is also pals with Kate Moss. Jude was there and the two struck up an acquaintance. The relationship progressed when they saw each other recently at Amika nightclub in Kensington, West London, and it has been a fully-fledged romance for the past two weeks. Kimberly has been to Jude's house, although she has not yet met his children, and there have been several other dates. Jude, say friends, is 'smitten' - although most don't believe it will last. 'He loves gorgeous, slim blondes so she fits his type perfectly,' said one. 'But although Kimberly is a lovely girl, and despite her airhead reputation, she is also quite canny at making her own money. 'I still can't see this being much more than a fling.' This is far from the first time the actor's attempts to be taken seriously have been undermined by his messy private life. Four years ago, when he should have been basking in the glory of a best actor Oscar nomination for his role in the film Cold Mountain, his ugly break-up with wife Sadie and false allegations of an affair with co- star Nicole Kidman stole the limelight. Not long after that, it was revealed that he and Sadie, who have three children together, had engaged in wife-swopping with their friends, musicians Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey. Miss Lowe let it be known that the actor had become obsessed with her. Jude appeared to get his life back on track when he found love with his Alfie co-star Sienna Miller. For a time, the beautiful actress and the heart-throb actor were London's golden couple. They were happy to show off just how in love they were in public and within months the pair were engaged. But the romance came crashing down when it emerged that Jude was sleeping with his children's nanny behind Sienna's back. The nanny sold her story - one of the most excruciating details being that one of the actor's children had found the pair in bed together. Jude, who hates anything to do with the press, was forced to put out a humbling public apology to Sienna. The 'distraught' actress got her own back by having a short affair with Jude's close friend, Bond actor Daniel Craig. Despite all this, the relationship continued but was so off-and-on that it became a living soap opera that everyone soon tired of watching. To make things even more difficult for desperate-to-be serious Jude, in the middle of his anguish he was caught by foreign paparazzi in the nude at his parents' house in the South of France. Since the couple finally split two years ago, Jude has been determined not to embark on such a public romance again. A three-month relationship with journalist Kim Hersov was over almost as soon as pictures of the pair emerged, and there was a brief fling with German underwear model Susan Hoecke. He has instead thrown himself into work, producing as well as acting. However, none of his films has attained the critical acclaim of earlier works such as The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain and his biggest hit of the past few years, slushy romance The Holiday, is the type of fare he would previously have avoided like the plague. The South London-born son of two teachers, Jude has always derided his looks, complaining that his appearance takes too much attention away from his talent as an actor. 'In England I'm not called Jude Law, I have three names; I'm called Hunk Jude Law or Heart-throb Jude Law,' he sneered in a typical comment. 'That's cheap language that is thrown around. That sums you up in one little bracket. It doesn't look at your life. But if one looks beyond, there is actually a little bit more.' 'But recently he has had to come to terms with the fact that the good looks he once seemed to resent are now slowly disappearing. His hairline is receding and he is not as muscular as he once was. He has become a bit obsessed with how he looks,' said one friend. 'He seems to look in the mirror a lot more these days and is always asking if he looks all right - something he used to take for granted. 'Although he has always tried to steer away from the big romantic lead, he is also, conversely, concerned that he won't get the parts any more.' He does, however, still remain in demand as an actor and has two films currently awaiting release while next year he will fulfil a lifelong ambition to play Hamlet in the West End . He is also concentrating on being a father to his three children Rafferty, 11, Iris, seven, and Rudy, five. His once acrimonious relationship with his ex-wife - police were called on several occasions to calm down their fights - is now so loving that she jokes to friends that she often feels like they are still married. Although Law recently bought a large five-bedroom house in Maida Vale, five minutes by car from Sadie's home, he still spends much of his time with her and his children, as well as his stepson Finlay, 17, from Sadie's marriage to former Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp. The pair regularly holiday together with the children - recent jaunts have included trips to Cuba, Tanzania and Austria - while he seems to prefer being in her company to that of any other woman in his life. 'Whenever they get back from a trip, Jude wants to book the next one straight away,' said a close friend of Sadie. 'He loves hanging around her house and invites her round to his when he has the children. 'He seems happiest when he has his family around him. Although Sadie and Jude both always have other lovers - they particularly like to be with people younger than them - they are also still really close.' Jude's desire to spend so much time with his ex and their children comes because he is feeling particularly lonely and vulnerable, say sources. He was devastated by the sudden death of his close friend and mentor Anthony Minghella, who died two months ago at the age of 54 from a haemorrhage, shortly after an operation to remove cancer of the tonsils and neck. A source close to the actor said: 'They worked together on three films and Jude saw Anthony almost like a father figure. Anthony gave him both professional and personal advice and they were great friends. 'He really has been devastated by the loss and spends a lot of time in his house playing the saxophone, which he and Anthony took up when they were filming The Talented Mr Ripley.' Jude once said he had just seven friends and Minghella is not the only one to depart from the actor's life. He has refused to talk to former best friend Rhys Ifans since the Welshman started dating Jude's ex Sienna, and he purposely avoids going to any parties or clubs where they could be. Miller and Ifans have been dating for a year and recently became engaged, although there have been rumours that the romance is now on the rocks. Jude similarly fell out with Bond star Daniel Craig after he had a brief fling with Sienna. One new friend is actor and serial womaniser David Walliams of Little Britain fame. The pair have become close over the past few months and it is David, in particular ,who has been urging Law to put himself out there once again. Walliams is friends with Kimberly - they once had a dinner date - and is likely to have helped encourage the couple in their fledgling romance. The new pairing has also been given the thumbs-up by Kimberly's father Rod. Jude is an eminently more suitable suitor than some of her previous loves, who include George Best's playboy son Calum, music producer Cisco Adler and rock star Wes Scantlin. The leggy blonde, who is Rod's daughter from his marriage to Alana Stewart and who grew up in Los Angeles, has calmed down after being part of the notorious Paris Hilton/ Nicole Richie/Lindsay Lohan hard-partying Hollywood set. And she recently announced she was hoping to settle down. 'I love, love, love British guys,' she said. 'I love the accent, the manner, and I also love the British sense of humour. Hopefully I'll find a British husband while I'm here.' It is unlikely that her latest boyfriend will be that man. But then again, you never know with Jude.
  14. plick

    Sci Fi TV

    Yeah, I'm totally pissed we have to wait two weeks for the next new one...
  15. plick

    Anne Hathaway

    Anyone know whatever happened with that lawsuit with her sketchy boyfriend? I was kind of surprised she didn't kick him to the curb when all that stuff about him came out.