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  1. kathyk

    Charlie Sheen

    The only hope he now has is an asinine reality show. And we thought "Cousin Eddie" was bad...Carlos has "jumped the shark". Completely unhireable.
  2. kathyk

    50 Cent

    How convenient.
  3. kathyk

    Johnny Depp

    That is so sweet! I hope it helps her...
  4. kathyk

    Oprah Winfrey

  5. kathyk

    Ashlee Simpson

    One would think that Papa Joe could schedule a little better...
  6. kathyk

    Old Hollywood

    yep - pantsuit and all - my God Jane Russell! She still has the hottness, you know?! My Dad is up in Heaven going, "G@#DAYUM!"
  7. kathyk

    Twilight Series

    I wanted Stefano Dionisi, but he's my age!! The powers that be need to CGI Edward into what we all see in our heads when we think of him...Good choice , Bellie...Taylor has got "THE EYES"!
  8. kathyk

    Zac Efron

    I know what a vanity fiend he is, but looking at this - it screams "dare". Or "drunk".
  9. kathyk


    I agree - wonder if the has the red shoes and routinely clicks his heels (high) together and says, "I AM a vampire! Damn them all!" But seriously, he has always been that way - that's why he has changed his name to a symbol - geniuses are always so tortured...
  10. kathyk

    Twilight Series

    O. My. God. These books are the best!!! I read Twilight twice before I could talk my daughter into reading it, and now we are both hooked! I agree about the movie - but, hey - they do have Catherine Hardwicke directing, and she's fantastic...Who do you envision when you see Edward? I never could picture him as a blonde, even though he is - I hope the movie doesn't suck - (we will go, no matter...) Thanks so much for starting this thread!
  11. kathyk

    Ryan Reynolds

    Oh, my! I could see that happening to, say, Paris Hilton, but I always thought Colin to be talented enough on his own - what a stupid thing to do, and shame on them for pushing that...I know the casting couch is in fact real, but I had no idea that it really applied to anyone other than reality show contestants...
  12. kathyk

    Ryan Reynolds

    Do tell, Bobby!! who else has Kevin "discovered"?
  13. kathyk

    Oprah Winfrey

    Someone mentioned her eyes and how tired she has looked lately...I agree...but instead of thyroid, which I also suffer from, it really looks like she's had too much to drink and she forgot about the cucumbers.
  14. kathyk

    Janet Jackson

    Yeah, but one must always remember that with Miss Jackson, the infamous words of Eddie Griffin from "The New Guy" will always pertain..."Dont'cha be lookin' at my Janet!" I don't care what anyone else says, I will always have that movie in my top 10...At least once or twice a week, I tell my kids, "Roll around a couple times - you be 'eight..." I'm going to pop that DVD in right now... "Whooos the beoootch, nowahhh?!"
  15. kathyk

    Rosie O'Donnell

    Oh, I don't know - I'm rather enjoying seeing his big 'ol ego getting cut down to size...this is better than who forgot her underwear today...or who's vacationing in Barbados -