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    Another board that princess is a member of(shoots&leaves)plus I've been a long time lurker.
  1. daq

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    Damn Mayans will probably be right and Lindsay will get out of going to jail once again! pfft!
  2. daq

    Tom Cruise

    No problem. I just can't help but be sarcastic when in comes to anything with tommy.
  3. daq

    Tom Cruise

    What I was trying to convey was that sometimes these tabloids just go too far. The headlines can be just cruel and tasteless when they involve celebrity children. These kids will have enough problems growing up in front of the world (and yes it is their parent's responsibility to help them deal with it) but kids shouldn't be fair game when the story is toxic. I understood what you were saying. I was expressing sarcasm, which wasn't directed at you, otherwise I would have quoted you in my post.
  4. daq

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    He probably got tired of getting paid in blow jobs.
  5. daq

    Tom Cruise

    Yea, her reading a story in a rag someday about how he abandoned her is what going to screw up that kid.
  6. daq

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    Kill-Newt Kill-Santorum Kill-Romney Wait, is that wrong?
  7. daq

    TV shows that you USED to watch

    I'm pretty much over How I Met Your Mother and Glee.
  8. daq

    Who Will Come Out Next?

    I think Kellan Lutz would come out long before Lautner. But Lautner is quite an obvious little Twink.
  9. daq

    Big Brother

  10. daq

    Project Runway

    I can't stand that kid with the fake accent! He's from Ohio! He says he went to Europe when he was 16. YOU'RE FROM OHIO, KNOCK IT OFF! The old guy is annoying and needs to go.
  11. daq

    Big Brother

    Adam, Kalia, Lawon and Porsche are USELESS!!! And the only thing Shelly is good for is cleaning! I've never seen a more boring bunch of Hammies! Rachel and Brendan are just horrible people. Jeff, Jordan and Dani are the only ones I can handle. I hated Dani in her season but am really liking her this time. But she screwed herself by floating that "backdoor Jeff" idea too soon. And you are right, kappy, the producers totally mess with the game. Apparently beautiful Jeff is a bit of a homophobe. He got pissed when Kalia told him Dumbledor(from Potter)was supposed to be gay. He said gay people shouldn't be in that kind of position in a school with kids. I'm really disappointed but I'm sure he'll be schooled when he gets out... or get his ass kicked.
  12. daq

    Big Brother

    I really don't think a major network is stupid enough to rig a successful tv show. BUT I do believe they get "suggestions" and "prompting" in their manipulation room...errr I mean, diary room sessions.
  13. daq

    Big Brother

    I can't take another week of that psycho as HOH!!!
  14. daq

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  15. daq

    Charlie Sheen

    I'm thinking Charlie is going to be dead before it's all over.