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  1. nickfan

    British Royals

    Isn't it a boy???
  2. nickfan

    Baby Boom

    Jessica Simpson pregnant with a baby girl.
  3. nickfan

    Baby Boom

    Carrie Underwood expecting baby #2.
  4. nickfan

    British Royals

    Meghan has to curtsy to Kate. WOW!
  5. nickfan

    British Royals

    Totally agree! How immature for people in their 30's.
  6. nickfan

    British Royals

    Don't like the dress. Looks white? And surprised she had a veil.
  7. nickfan

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys is accused of raping Melissa from the girl group Dream.
  8. nickfan

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    Former Stylist for Ryan Seacrest claims 10 years ago he was inappropriate with her. I do NOT believe this one. I only see $$ signs with this one as SHE wanted a large settlement to keep quiet, Ryan refused and released a statement vehemently denying the claim. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ryan-seacrest-under-investigation-over-sexual-harassment-allegations-012747346.html
  9. nickfan

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    Add Ken Baker of E! to the list.
  10. nickfan

    British Royals

    I would have stopped at 2 given the fact she is supposedly so sick with each one.
  11. nickfan

    Tom Cruise

    No, his movie bombed.
  12. nickfan

    Talk Shows

    Kelly & Ryan are like brother and sister. So far it's working.
  13. nickfan

    Britney Spears

    Her BF just turned 23. Goodness. She can't handle someone her own age??
  14. nickfan

    Brad and Angelina

    I would bet money that his attorneys let her attorneys know that if she continued to play the PR game, he was not adverse to playing his own cards. He did take the high road by keeping quiet but everyone has their breaking point when it comes to hypocrisy. Just out of snarky observation: isn't interesting that this announcement comes after the "team Brad" reception at the GG? I thought the same thing about the timing of the announcement.