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  1. michelleb07

    Fergie/Stacy Ferguson

    Her real name is Sarah Ferguson, so her stage name is Fergie. After she gets married to Josh Duhmel, will she take his last name and change it to Dummy?
  2. michelleb07

    Remakes you don't want to happen

    Whatever Happened to baby Jane?, All About Eve, A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (I will also second the Streetcar not being remade sentiment, and that goes for all the Tennessee Williams plays that became movies, in my opinion).
  3. michelleb07

    Gisele Bundchen

    So what happened to her assertion that if she was a bad actress she would just stop acting? She said that BEFORE 'Taxi' came out, did she not read any of the reviews after? Did she think she was good?
  4. michelleb07

    Star Jones

    Someone needs to clue Star in that they make dresses with sleeves that you can wear a bra with. That side view made me throw up in my mouth a little (looks like Al was doing the same).
  5. michelleb07

    Fergie/Stacy Ferguson

    I think she is saying "the flossy, flossy", like she is "flossing", the whole hip hop/urban slang for wearing labels and dressing high class expensive. As for her face, I think the meth pipe is finally taking it's toll, even if she is off it now. She needs a billboard above her face pointing down saying "stay off the meth, kids".