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  1. l1zz1e

    Jennifer Lopez

    what a pose!
  2. l1zz1e

    The Kardashians

    why not Knorth? I bet Kris is having a kow, lol!
  3. l1zz1e

    The Kardashians

  4. l1zz1e

    Big Brother

    2 Twists
  5. l1zz1e

    Big Brother

    house tour
  6. l1zz1e

    Jennifer Lopez

    new movie
  7. l1zz1e

    Big Brother

    I'll be watching! I hear the twist involves significant others? oh yeah, after dark is no longer on showtime, it's been moved to TVGN.
  8. l1zz1e

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

    ummm, how can that be and wouldn't that then spread it to the partner, assuming it was a different partner?
  9. l1zz1e

    The Kardashians

    finally FINAL!
  10. l1zz1e

    Amanda Bynes

  11. l1zz1e

    Celeb Death Watch

    RIP Edith
  12. l1zz1e

    Brad and Angelina

    those are bigger than the originals!
  13. l1zz1e

    The Kardashians

    it's a girl!
  14. l1zz1e

    Brad and Angelina

    Jealous much?