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  1. wasabi

    Britney Spears

    I just don't get why the relationship is for show? It's not like they are out there trying to sell the relationship, he hides from the paps, they ridicule him and it's not like he was unemployed or poor.
  2. wasabi

    Brad and Angelina

    They don't have Downs, they look just like Brad did in these pics.
  3. wasabi

    Johnny Depp

    The thing I like about Depp is he seems to save his craziness for his roles. He's not strutting Vanessa and kids out for publicity, and he keeps his private life private, proving it CAN be done if you want to do it. Depp was able to keep his life private because he is not with a hollywood star and he lives in France. Vanessa talks about their life in interviews and Johnny too but for some reason people don't really care about his private life. I disagree that some star has a choice on being able to be private. Depp on tabloids doesn't sell period so he is able to live his life private. I wonder why people don't question what happened to his drug addiction and cutting.
  4. wasabi


    I think actually seeing the pics take this to a whole new level and I hope that little shit saw what he did with his fist in a moment of irrational thinking. I never knew it was this bad.
  5. wasabi

    Drew Barrymore

    I'm shocked.
  6. wasabi

    Drew Barrymore

    She went on Oprah to announce that?
  7. wasabi

    Halle Berry

    When will she shut up about her pregnancy already.
  8. wasabi

    Jessica Alba

    She looks gaunt, she is lucky she is smaller stature.
  9. wasabi

    Jenna Jameson

    I seriously hope she is not back on Meth. Everything went downhill for her when she left Jay.
  10. wasabi

    Jenna Jameson

    Now that's scary skinny. What happened to her?