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  1. growinup

    Voting for the VMA's

    Hve you guys voted for the VMA's yet?? I so hope Katy Perry wins! would be so cool if i could see them there.. Just entered this contest to win a free trip and If I win I so want to see Nicki Minaj live! Just hope the contest is legit cause it seems to good to be true..http://verizonsweeps6.com/...
  2. growinup

    Would you want to go to the MTV Movie awards??

    Was anyone here a lucky winner?? I am going to try my luck again with this similar contest I just found: http://ultimatemoviefan.com/ Will you guys vote for me when I enter?? I'll vote for you!
  3. growinup

    Would you want to go to the MTV Movie awards??

    Did you enter the contest too?? It would be so cool if someone from here won this!!
  4. Well?? I just found this contest that will fly 1 winner and 4 friends to the show with VIP access to the event and other movie screenings with hotel accommodations and all that jazz.. Normally I'm not that into these specific awards, but I think it would be nice to get away VIP style! But since I never win stuff like this I figured I share the info with you guys!! http://www.facebook.com/Xfinity4College?sk=app_10442206389
  5. growinup

    Gary Coleman Dies

    So sad.. I never realized he had so many medical problems
  6. growinup

    Al and Tipper Gore Split

    Thats a shock!
  7. growinup

    Alicia Keys

    Did anyone see her performance at Madison Square Garden on last week? I heard she was amazing. Check out these pics I found from the performance: http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2010/03/19...-photo-gallery/ shes looking good
  8. growinup

    What year is it???

    It's from a documentary called The Black List Vol. 2. Saw it a few weeks ago at a friends house and loved it. I would definitely recommend checking it out, I'm pretty sure my friend picked it up at Target. I didn't see the first one tho so i might have to check that out too!
  9. growinup

    What year is it???

    I can't believe that guy claims hes not racist when he so clearly is. He doesn't like mixed people, that's racist. And I don't see what his problem with mixed people is there are so many mixed people out there doing fine for themselves. I mean a few that come to mind are hmm.. the president, SNL actress Maya Rudolph (she evne talks about it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys0M9u0wQUA) and there are so many more out there. I think this guy needs to find a new job!
  10. growinup

    Guns N’ Roses

    Slash remembers MJ Found this clip of Slash talking about Michael Jackson.. Its really nice how he talks about him..