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  1. Gracenote

    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    I watched it as quarantine entertainment. It was good. Surprisingly not gory and violent until near the end. I like JP a lot as an actor,
  2. Gracenote


    Hi All. I’ve been gone from here for a while but now I’m baaaaaack. I am in Georgia. We have stayed well. My sister teaches college. They don’t know when they will be going back to in-person learning. I’m retired so my life didn’t change much with the quarantine. The protests and riots have been frightening. I can’t watch the video of the killing anymore. Heartbreaking. I hope that things calm down soon. This country can’t take much more.
  3. Gracenote

    British Royals

    Oh that's cute of him just waving his little heart out.
  4. Gracenote

    Leaving Neverland

    It is pretty rough watching. (Leaving Neverland). It infuriated me. I believe that what the men say happened to them, did happen. In my experience, those detailed descriptions described with such a flat affect indicate that they are telling the truth. I could always be wrong. I am a foster mother, no kids of my own, but all of my kids on loan feel like I birthed them. I would never, never allow them to sleep in the same room, not to mention the same bed as a grown man. What the hell? I wouldn't allow my teenager to do it. I would question the intentions of a man who wanted slumber parties. But the parents were bribed. Plain and simple, they pimped out their kids. Poor Paris. She was raised in a household with so many secrets (remember how they had to wear masks or scarves over their faces?) It indicates that something was wrong in that family. Her grandfather Joe raped his daughters (allegedly) to the point that Mrs. Jackson (Katheryn?) slept on the floor outside their bedroom door. It was a very sick family. I hope that Paris and her brothers get the help that they need. I am afraid we will lose her soon if something isn't done. Maybe they are keeping the secrets until after their mother/grandmother passes away. Maybe after that the truth can come out.
  5. Gracenote

    British Royals

    My mother said that I would start raising hell (as an infant) every evening when she was trying to cook dinner. Sounds like I was just normal.
  6. Gracenote

    British Royals

    The name Archie really surprised me and I did not like it at first. I am beginning to get used to it. Apparently it is popular in Britain. I would've liked the name Spencer in there somewhere. Harrison makes me think of Harrison Ford. Why have we not gotten to see the baby's sweet face yet? We have seen his feet which look awfully big for such a youngster, and his nose. I want to know if he has red hair like Daddy. Now they are not going to release the birth certificate until ... well we don't know when. If she is so controlling and crazy about privacy, she married into the wrong family.
  7. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    This one was yet another reminder that I am getting old. The entertainers I grew up with are all dieing of old age. I feel so sad for her daughters. Losing your mother is about the worst thing to happen.
  8. Gracenote

    This Land is Our Land

    I don't know if this is the right area to post this, but we survived Hurricane Irma this week. I'm in central Georgia and we had high winds, heavy rain all day long. We lost power for 3 days which was rough. We have solar generators that ran a little microwave oven and charged my phone. We kind of stay prepared, so we have canned goods, water and water filters, freeze dried food, lots of battery powered lights and candles, etc. The worst part to me is the total darkness of no electricity. The weather was not too hot, though, and we only lost the siding from one part of the house. It was scary, but not nearly as bad as many, many other people had it. Our 3 foster kids, young brothers, went to live with their dad up north last week which was good. Having them here would have been difficult. We have only one foster son now. He is 15 and really stepped up during the emergency. He went from being a snotty, self involved teenager to a young man that was a huge help to me. I hope that all of you chit chatters are well and safe and did not lose anything to that storm.
  9. Gracenote

    The Walking Dead - Spoiler Thread!!

    I hope that there is more than just fight, fight, fight in season 8. I know it's all out war, and I figure the good guys eventually win, but I hope they wrap up the war part pretty quickly. I watch it for the people and relationships. I'm very much over the gross walkers and killing them. I predict with no inside info, that Morgan will die (hence Rick keeping Negan in the cell Morgan built,) maybe Aaron's husband (setting him up for a relationship with Jesus), Dwight dies and many assorted red shirts. Maybe Jerry, which would be so sad for me. They say that the Whisperers will be even worse than Negan. I can't imagine worse than Negan. If I could bring back one character it would be Eastman who taught Morgan the better way of living. He could use his psychology insight to help defeat Negan and he is a heck of a fighter himself. I would love to hear discussion/opinion/spoilers from all of you about the show. I don't have any watching buddies right now. Totally off topic: I don't know if I have a brain tumor or what but for days I have been smelling donuts. It's driving me crazy. We have no donut shop here. I may have to drive to Macon to find fresh hot donuts.
  10. Gracenote

    British Royals

    She seems intelligent, compassionate, educated, talented and sane. She's pretty, too.I wish them well.
  11. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    we all gone die........ or maybe that was the other guy. Anyway that's a movie I can watch over and over.
  12. Gracenote

    Brad and Angelina

    I know a little about Bell's Palsy and I have never seen any signs of it with her. Maybe it was way before she was famous.
  13. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    I'm so sad about Gregg Allman. I should have gone to the funeral. I'm about 20 minutes away, but I'm not good with crowds. After things settle down I will go visit his grave. I assume he is buried down by Duane and Berry Oakley. Rose Hill Cemetery is beautiful but you have to climb like a mountain goat to get around there.
  14. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    I had to look him up. Sad. Fifty two is just so young.
  15. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    What I took away from today's news was that Shepherd Smith came out today. I know it isn't shocking news, but I hadn't heard him come right out and say it on air. I have always liked Shep. He makes me laugh.