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  1. Gracenote

    This Land is Our Land

    I don't know if this is the right area to post this, but we survived Hurricane Irma this week. I'm in central Georgia and we had high winds, heavy rain all day long. We lost power for 3 days which was rough. We have solar generators that ran a little microwave oven and charged my phone. We kind of stay prepared, so we have canned goods, water and water filters, freeze dried food, lots of battery powered lights and candles, etc. The worst part to me is the total darkness of no electricity. The weather was not too hot, though, and we only lost the siding from one part of the house. It was scary, but not nearly as bad as many, many other people had it. Our 3 foster kids, young brothers, went to live with their dad up north last week which was good. Having them here would have been difficult. We have only one foster son now. He is 15 and really stepped up during the emergency. He went from being a snotty, self involved teenager to a young man that was a huge help to me. I hope that all of you chit chatters are well and safe and did not lose anything to that storm.
  2. Gracenote

    The Walking Dead - Spoiler Thread!!

    I hope that there is more than just fight, fight, fight in season 8. I know it's all out war, and I figure the good guys eventually win, but I hope they wrap up the war part pretty quickly. I watch it for the people and relationships. I'm very much over the gross walkers and killing them. I predict with no inside info, that Morgan will die (hence Rick keeping Negan in the cell Morgan built,) maybe Aaron's husband (setting him up for a relationship with Jesus), Dwight dies and many assorted red shirts. Maybe Jerry, which would be so sad for me. They say that the Whisperers will be even worse than Negan. I can't imagine worse than Negan. If I could bring back one character it would be Eastman who taught Morgan the better way of living. He could use his psychology insight to help defeat Negan and he is a heck of a fighter himself. I would love to hear discussion/opinion/spoilers from all of you about the show. I don't have any watching buddies right now. Totally off topic: I don't know if I have a brain tumor or what but for days I have been smelling donuts. It's driving me crazy. We have no donut shop here. I may have to drive to Macon to find fresh hot donuts.
  3. Gracenote

    British Royals

    She seems intelligent, compassionate, educated, talented and sane. She's pretty, too.I wish them well.
  4. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    we all gone die........ or maybe that was the other guy. Anyway that's a movie I can watch over and over.
  5. Gracenote

    Brad and Angelina

    I know a little about Bell's Palsy and I have never seen any signs of it with her. Maybe it was way before she was famous.
  6. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    I'm so sad about Gregg Allman. I should have gone to the funeral. I'm about 20 minutes away, but I'm not good with crowds. After things settle down I will go visit his grave. I assume he is buried down by Duane and Berry Oakley. Rose Hill Cemetery is beautiful but you have to climb like a mountain goat to get around there.
  7. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    I had to look him up. Sad. Fifty two is just so young.
  8. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    What I took away from today's news was that Shepherd Smith came out today. I know it isn't shocking news, but I hadn't heard him come right out and say it on air. I have always liked Shep. He makes me laugh.
  9. Gracenote

    ChitChat Mission Statement

    I can do it next week. With pleasure.
  10. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    Really? What does that mean?
  11. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    How sad and yet what a wonderful way to go, holding your loved one's hand. Thank you for posting this, I have a different question. Was there ever an autopsy report released on Carrie Fisher? Yes, I want to know about toxicology.
  12. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    That is the truth! And how many of us come from families with one child who became an addict/alcoholic and the other kids never touched the stuff? Same parents. same everything. That describes my family. No explanation. Rest in peace, Erin.
  13. Gracenote

    The Kardashians

    She said before that is she did she would do it quietly and without much fuss. I guess she did.
  14. Gracenote

    Celeb Death Watch

    I should not speak ill of the dead but I never "got" his humor. It was so mean spirited. I know supposed to be all in good fun but I remember some of the expressions of people in the audience when he insulted their weight or looks or whatever. However, he had many, many fans so I know that he will be missed.
  15. Gracenote

    Divorce in 2017 - who'll do it, next

    Regarding the Mohr/Cox issue, thank goodness the child has a father who cares about his safety and is willing to take custody of him. I haven't had a foster child yet who had a father that claimed them or cared. We have four boys right now, three abandoned in a drug house, one has a mom in prison. My only regret about not having a man in my life is that they could use a good male role model never having seen one. If what he is saying is true, she has some very serious mental health issues, doesn't she. Or drugs. Or both.