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  1. goldensun

    British Royals

    3 kids in no time atall..... let them enjoy their years of childhood and youth cos ... blink.... and they ll be teenagers ! Yesterday is history Tomorrow is mystery So live for today..... its really all we have .... .
  2. goldensun

    British Royals

    Fergie... got to be the foxiest Roylal .... ever !
  3. goldensun

    British Royals

    Just watched Fergie downfall of a Duchess.... she did nt last long at the top before affairs with rich Americans and scandal led to the anus horribilis and meltdown for the Monarchy ....
  4. goldensun

    Celeb Death Watch

    Doris was America s Sweetheart.......
  5. goldensun

    Amanda Holden

    Gorgous .... or wot ?
  6. goldensun


    I dont eat breakfast lunch is maybe 3 sausages on toast evening meal ... sometimes just a tin of soup and a round of toast... I find Im now in a habit of supper at 11 pm which is probably wrong..... maybe macaroni cheese on a few noodles... not a lot Prob should nt buy it but in the supermarket I find myself buying a packet of frankfurters or a pack of bacon I shouold really cut all pork related foods out..... but who can resist a bacon sarnie ?
  7. goldensun

    Denise Van Outen

    Denise makes her first appearance on the UK soap ... Easteners .... tonite.... 9th April 2015 Looks like the foxy blonde is going to put a little sex appeal into the series !
  8. goldensun

    Amanda Holden

    New series of Brit got talent starts next sat ..... sat 11 April Amanda has vowed to .... sex up .... the series............... cant wait !
  9. goldensun


    Theres bound to be a spoof about Simon Cowel maybe even a Posh Spice puppet ? Jeromy Clarkson ? Lets hope the series spoofs and parodys the celeb , tv world an does nt venture too far into politics spitting image was obsessed with politics and became gross and obscene lets hope newzoids avoids all that crap
  10. goldensun


    A new TV show in UK .... coming soon.... like 15th April ! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3030671/William-Kate-s-puppet-makeover-Duke-Duchess-Cambridge-royals-set-lampooned-ITV-s-newest-comedy-sketch-show.html
  11. goldensun

    General Sports Chatter

    I can understand why basketball is such a popular game... very big in US not so big in UK . I cant help thinking though that it would be a better spectacle and skill if the net was a lot higher than it currently is. To see guys jump up and smash the ball down into the net just does nt seem right. If the net was set as say.. 15 feet.... you would always need skill to get the ball in the net and physical height would nt advantage others as much .
  12. goldensun

    Patsy Palmer

    Patsy is going to Hollywood.................. (that pic above is one amazing prediction come true ! ) she must have some show or series lined up ... maybe a part like that girl in Frazier....... only with a cockney accent this time !
  13. goldensun

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    She was on the UK show... chatty man.... last week... april 2014... ( prob on U tube or somewhere ) looking absolutely gorgeous.... red hair... bright eyes....bushy tail.... I think Linsay is back as one of the hottest babes around ..... ! .
  14. goldensun

    Miley Cyrus

    Looks like Miley is going to become the new Madonna she is drop dead gorgeous and loves performing on stage ... but being so young and cute, how come, when she speaks.... her voice is so deep and masculine ?
  15. goldensun

    Summer Glau

    she was in the sci fi movie.... Mammoth..... she was in the ABC Family TV movie The Initiation of Sarah.