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  1. colorine

    Celeb Death Watch

    Love The Cars. It looks like we will see more rock stars passing since they are getting into their 70's. I always wonder how Ozzy Osbourne and Keith Richards are still surviving. 😟
  2. colorine

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Yes, and add their miserable kids, too.😝
  3. colorine

    British Royals

    She helped distribute bananas to prostitutes??????? Wow!!🙄
  4. colorine

    British Royals

    Yes, it's like watching The Crown and wondering why anyone would want to be a royal. It's much better than listening to politics (can't escape that these days).
  5. colorine

    George Clooney

    Very interesting!!!!
  6. colorine

    George Clooney

    Very interesting!!!!
  7. colorine

    British Royals

    I think we are going to get some gossip out of this marriage. I agree. What does he see in her and why would anyone want to get mixed up in all the royalty restrictions?
  8. colorine

    George Clooney

    He has always been boring and immature.
  9. colorine

    Talk Shows

    Can't stand her and will never watch that show.
  10. colorine

    Met Gala

    Gwynneth is not aging well and looks puffy. Is Katie Holmes alive? She always has such a blank stare. JLo's dress is boring.
  11. colorine

    Divorce in 2017 - who'll do it, next

    Maybe she needed his money and now child support????
  12. colorine

    Baby Boom

    I agree with Princess and still think !!!!!
  13. colorine

    Baby Boom

  14. colorine


    I just discovered James Corden and his carpool skits. They're fun to watch on You Tube.