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  1. kappy22

    Celeb Death Watch

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO . . . . . . . I am so saddened about Philip Seymour Hoffman! Because he had dealt with these issues in the past, I was sorry to hear that he needed to return to rehab again but then thought - well, good, he's dealing with it head on! Dang dang dang! This man never failed to impress me in any role he took on. He is truly a great loss. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
  2. kappy22

    Celeb Death Watch

    I am incredibly sad to hear about the death of Paul Walker. My heart goes out to his loved ones and friends. He was only 40 and it was so unnecessary. Just a sad and tragic way to go!
  3. kappy22

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Engagement

    Has her face moved at all since she gave birth? Is it just me or is her face literally frozen now?
  4. kappy22

    Charlie Sheen

    Why is it even Denise's responsibility? Aren't they Charlie's responsibility? Is this guy ever going to grow up?!
  5. kappy22

    65th Primetime Emmy Awards

    I saw bits of Veep when it first started and wasn't that impressed. Then I watched a marathon this past week and absolutely loved it! I'm watching Behind the Candalabra yet again because I can't believe how great both Damon and Douglas are in it. It's too bad they couldn't both win. I didn't see much of the Emmy's tonight but I did catch Bob Newhart and the standing ovation the audience gave him. Boy he deserved it!! I also caught the choreography segment and it was great!
  6. kappy22

    Miley Cyrus

    She is reminding me more of a high school teen right now then a grown up. I get the need to leave the Disney identity behind but this kind of performance gets boring real fast.
  7. kappy22

    Celeb Death Watch

    Lee Thompson Young ~ The latest news makes it sound like he's struggled with depression for awhile now. Depression can be a beast. RIP, Lee, and may you have a lighter heart in your next life. Elmore Leonard ~ He wrote so many great books and he had a good long life. RIP, Mr. Leonard, and thank you for the hours of entertainment you provided us.
  8. kappy22

    Celeb Death Watch

    I am so saddened by this. My heart goes out to his family.
  9. kappy22

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I just want to say that as much as she has screwed up in the last few years, I really do hope she takes as much time as needed this go around to make this recovery permanent. On Chelsea, we got a glimpse of a mature version of her younger happier self and I really do hope for her that she succeeds.
  10. kappy22

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I saw her co-hosting Chelsea Lately tonight and thought she did a great job. She genuinely looked healthy and appeared happy. It was great to see. Now if she can just maintain it.
  11. kappy22

    Tom Cruise

    LOL! She did some of the worst songs ever and yet I admit that I still sing loudly right along with them whenever they come on the radio. Why? I don't know . . . . it just happens. :4biggrin:
  12. kappy22

    Celeb Death Watch

    He's wasn't just talented - He also had this air of being gracious and kind. My heart goes out to his son and to the rest of his family.
  13. kappy22

    Charlie Sheen

    My respect for Selma just tripled!
  14. kappy22

    Brad and Angelina

    Isn't World War Z about to come out? More convenient timing, eh?
  15. kappy22

    Brad and Angelina

    If being cynical about Jolie's motives sends one to hell ~ make room for one more in the basket please! I'm not questioning having the procedure done. I'm questioning the way she is going about using it as a PR move. Jolie has shown that everything she does is about PR. And I don't want to hear that she has raised awareness about this as if people haven't already known about. Christina Applegate came out about it years ago. Some how some way, Jolie is getting something out of this or she wouldn't go public with it. When she has her ovaries removed and has to deal with the havoc the change in hormones causes to her body, then just maybe I might give in a little.