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  1. Rebelgirl

    Jenna Jameson

    Jennas leg tattoos are so classy and whats up with all that vitiligo on her back!!
  2. Rebelgirl

    Cameron Diaz

    Katherine has 1000 times better skin than Cameron. Camerons skin is nasty!
  3. Rebelgirl

    Hilary Swank

    Im sorry but Hillarys new guy is butt-ugly. Chad had a boyish cuteness at least going for him............this guy looks like he was beat with an ugly stick..........
  4. Rebelgirl

    Jessica Alba

    She is definitely beautiful. Like the straight hair look but she looks good both ways.
  5. Rebelgirl

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

    I am totally going to start doing that....suddenly I am 23! Just kidding. Im only 28 then soon!
  6. Rebelgirl


    Peta sucks. They are like militant. I want a steak.
  7. Rebelgirl

    Animal Pics

    Rocco's cute but he has been a living nightmare as far as chewing stuff up. I think he has finally almost gotten out of that stage but he is kenneled up all day while we are at work and my sons at school. Hopefully someday he can roam free during the day. Right now he cannot be trusted. So far he has chewed up about 20 hair clips. Dog toys dont work. He will demolish them in about an hour. About 15 of my bras which he digs out of the dirty laundry. I have gotten so many new bras this past year. My husbands 300 dollar cell phone which he had a week. Both my pairs of Rx eyeglasses. He chewed a big hole in my couch and loveseat in the middle of the night.........we thought he was through the chewing phase but obviously not......... He has chewed up various throw rugs in the house. He chewed up my 13 year olds cell phone twice. Luckily it was cheaper versions of cell phones. I got a shirt down out of a storage box in my closet. It is not easy to get that box down. Anyway...I get the shirt out...put this heavy box back. Turn around and my shirt is gone. Im thinking I left it in the box........I dont want to even get that heavy box down again so I said hell with it............next time I look in Rocco's kennel he has it in there and its no longer the nice white shirt I thought I had.........its filthy looking with a 100 chew holes in it. He has chewed the waistband off many pairs of my husbands boxer briefs. Anyhoo...........he is a good dog. Just went through a hell time with the chewing. He is funny...........he eats lightning bugs outside. My old German Shephard that died awhile back in April...........Rebel...........she loved going on car rides and would hop in and out of the car. Rocco wants to be chauffered. He will not hop in and out of the backseat or car. You have to open the doors for him like he is in a limo or something. Anyway....love him though.....
  8. Rebelgirl

    Animal Pics

    My new German Shephard pup Rocco.
  9. Rebelgirl

    Juliette Lewis

    Brad Pitt's exgirlfriend Juliette Lewis, attempting to prove that not ALL Scientologists are eccentric. To be fair, we've seen and heard her band Juliette and the Licks, and they sound a LOT better than Juliette's questionable stage attire would indicate... Posted by Janet Charlton on September 3, 2006 1:06 PM
  10. Rebelgirl

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    Rupert Everett was on Drudge Report today. He must have wrote a book that dishes on Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone et al.
  11. Rebelgirl

    Kate Moss

    Sexy Kate Moss pictures crash website 04.09.06 Lingerie designer Agent Provocateur has persuaded Kate Moss to make her movie debut - in a series of erotic short films. In the four four-minute movies, which will be released over a period of weeks on the firm's website, Miss Moss can be seen in various states of undress acting out a dream sequence. The film marks the first time Miss Moss has taken a speaking part on film - though she did recently speak on a television advert for Virgin mobile. In the accompanying voice-over for the first film Miss Moss's dulcet Croydon tones can be heard saying: "That was such a strange dream. I was in this big, empty house. I was lying on the floor and there was a chalk mark around my body - like in a crime scene. I got up, but it was like I floated up. My body was weightless. "I could hear the sound of the sea, big waves crashing, and I could also hear some music somewhere, like someone was having a party. "The music was coming from one of the rooms. One of the doors opened and a woman came out. 'You're Miss X, right?'" And so the monologue goes on. In the third movie, Miss Moss actually strips bare. The films, made over two nights in a mansion in London's Portland Place, are directed by movie veteran Mike Figgis, maker of Leaving Las Vegas. "She was insecure about her voice. But she’s got a nice voice," said Figgis. Miss Moss, 32, has never been shy about taking off her clothes, playing on her sexualised image throughout her career. So far, her most risque part has been a Sofia Coppola-directed video for the White Stripes, in which she was a lap dancer sliding provocatively - and convincingly - around a pole. The company's website crashed yesterday after thousands logged on to see the first of the four films.
  12. Rebelgirl

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    I was reading the thread about the actors and actresses who failed upward and was gonna post but didnt think some of the ones I thought about who "were lost" were worthy sometimes of falling up...........But it got me thinking...........what ever happened to certain people......Whatever happened to......Samantha Mathis. She was in Pump up the Volume and used to date River Phoenix when he died. What ever happened to the Facts of Life gals or furthermore............remember those 80s shows "Too Close for Comfort" or "Gimme a Break."Am I showing my age here????Who else do you miss who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth?
  13. Rebelgirl

    Heather Locklear

  14. Rebelgirl

    Celebs & Their Weight Issues

    Looks like scientologist Lisa took some psychotropic drugs in that last picture. WWXD? What would Xenu do?
  15. Rebelgirl

    Star Jones

    Star Jones Reynolds sorry for wedding spectacleFriday June 30 9:51 PM ETNewly fired co-host of "The View," Star Jones Reynolds, apologized to fans on Friday for getting "caught in the euphoria" of marital bliss when she planned her lavish, freebie-filled wedding in 2004.Reynolds' mea culpa for behavior that earned her the label "Bridezilla" in tabloid headlines two years ago came during an appearance on NBC's "Today" show, one of several interviews she has given since her messy departure from "The View" this week.ABC and Barbara Walters, creator, executive producer and lead host of "The View," has said the negative publicity surrounding Reynolds' wedding extravaganza was a key factor in turning viewers against her, which ultimately cost Reynolds her job. The former prosecutor, then known as Star Jones, came under fire around the time of her November 2004 wedding to Al Reynolds when she accepted expensive wedding supplies and services for free, donated by corporate "sponsors" in return for publicity.On Friday, Reynolds, 44, acknowledged that she had gotten carried away with her nuptials."I don't think I took the viewers on the right journey with me, and I want to apologize for that," she said. "I was a 40-year-old who, according to urban legend, had a better chance of being kidnapped by a terrorist than getting married. And I was caught in the euphoria. And I think I used, and some would say abused, my celebrity in planning the wedding."If she had it to do over again, Reynolds added, "I would be more humble, and I would allow them to see the genuine character of who I am, which I hope they see right now."But Reynolds was less forthcoming about another issue that ABC and Walters said came up in network research last year showing that Reynolds was falling out of favor with viewers -- her abrupt and dramatic weight loss.While Reynolds is widely assumed to have shed more than 100 pounds with the help of gastric bypass surgery, she has never publicly acknowledged undergoing such an operation while promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.Asked about the issue by Roker, who himself has undergone gastric bypass, Reynolds would only say that "a medical intervention, doctors, had to step in to save my life." And she said found it "disheartening" that ABC "would use something so private ... at this moment."Reynolds touched off a wave of public blood-letting when she caught Walters and ABC off guard by announcing on Tuesday's broadcast of "The View" that she would end her nine-year tenure on the show in July.That same day, People magazine published excerpts of an interview in which Reynolds complained she had been given notice days before learning that Rosie O'Donnell, one of her most vocal critics, would be joining the show in the fall.Walters, who had clasped hands with Reynolds, warmly wished her well and led the studio audience in a standing ovation on Tuesday, opened the next day's show with the frosty declaration that Reynolds was not welcome back.Walters later said that she felt betrayed that Reynolds refused to stick to an understanding she had reached with ABC to leave the show with "dignity" -- by inventing a reason for her exit that the network and "The View" would support.Reuters/VNU