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  1. Ruby

    Who'll Divorce Next (version 3.0)?

    I have to say, I did. I've always felt like he was kind of a jerk, mostly because of the way he'd interact with paparazzi. If he's that way in front of cameras, I can only imagine what he's like at home.
  2. Ruby

    Ashlee Simpson

    Is he wearing the same scarf that caused that Rachel Ray/Dunking Donuts flap? Does anyone else think he's balding badly and has a bad comb-forward?
  3. Ruby

    Kate Hudson

    What is that? Bigger? Changes shape? If she is pregnant, my guess is Chris is the father. She probably wanted a brother/sister for Ryder. And weren't they photographed going out together, sans kid, back in December or thereabouts?
  4. Ruby

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    All right. So did Leo and this girl break up then? And, if so, I see Kelly Slater is continuing his career as The Rebound Guy. (10-20) 15:24 PDT JERUSALEM, Israel (AP) -- Police detained eight-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater early Saturday after a scuffle with photographers who were trying to take pictures of him with an Israeli supermodel, police said. Israeli photographers were waiting outside as the American surfer and model Bar Rafaeli left a hotel in the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya before dawn Saturday, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. Slater pushed the cameramen in an effort to prevent them from taking pictures, a photographer at the scene told Channel Two TV. "A brawl broke out and Slater was taken for questioning and later released," Rosenfeld said. It was not the first time foreign guests of Rafaeli have scuffled with journalists. Earlier this year, Rafaeli and her then-boyfriend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, created a media storm when he visited her in Israel. After eluding journalists for days, the pair was met by a group of waiting photographers when they toured Jerusalem. Their bodyguards scuffled with photographers, punching some and damaging equipment. Rafaeli later told an Israeli newspaper she wouldn't bring anyone famous to Israel "because there is a chutzpah here that you won't see anywhere else." Slater, who is of Syrian descent, was visiting Israel for the first time as part of efforts by the group "Surfing for Peace" to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians through the sport.
  5. Ruby

    Jessica Alba

    I think those are old pictures. Well, a couple months old. I remember seeing them on Perez's site awhile back. Doesn't mean she's not with that guy but I don't think they're recent.
  6. Ruby

    Sheryl Crow

    Word. How come "Shiloh" is pretentious but this is okay? Here's a nice Fug picture of Sheryl from PerezHilton (looks like somebody's had some more work done):
  7. Ruby

    Janet Jackson

    Agreed. On Oprah, she was still sticking to that stupid story about how Justin was supposed to only rip off the top part leaving the red piece. But we all saw the pictures that showed the red part was just a decorative PIECE along the top, not a liner. Puh-leeze. She needs to go away and come back when she can act like a 40 year old woman--not a 40-yr old trying to be 20.
  8. Ruby

    Evangeline Lilly - Dominic Monaghan

    Kind of off topic but did anyone watch the Miss Teen USA pagaent last week? Miss North Carolina (think it was NC - the first runner-up) looked JUST LIKE Evangeline Lilly. Honestly, it could have been her twin.
  9. Ruby

    Matthew McConaughey

    I don't think Lance is gay either. I think he's just missed the whole "hanging out with the guys" bit. He was stuck with SherOLD Crow for years, training like crazy so he couldn't eat fatty food, drink, stay out late etc. I think he's just having fun. Gay or not, McBongo seems like he'd be fun to party with.
  10. Ruby

    Ashlee Simpson

    ^ Holy Cow! Is that really her? Doesn't even look like Ashlee--the NEW Ashlee. I liked her better with the dark hair. I think she was prettier then. I have a feeling her 15 min. are just about up with the stories of her playing to empty theaters. If we could get rid of Jessica, then she would be gone for sure.
  11. Ruby

    Hilary Swank

    I guess we could hope that the attention and maybe even a little sympathy thrown Chad's way will jumpstart his career?
  12. Ruby

    Hilary Swank

    Oh I think you're right! I'm pretty sure it was Natalie Portman.
  13. Ruby

    Hilary Swank

    You beat me to it Wildfire! I heard that as well. In fact, Teri Hatcher bumped someone off the cover because they refused to talk about something personal. It wasn't someone who had something scandalous going on either. It's almost like they want you to spill some deep, dark secret or make one up. Wish I could remember who it was....
  14. Ruby

    Janet Jackson

    I couldn't agree more. I'm so tired of all the attention this woman gets for her body when we all know it wasn't obtained by "normal" means. Hopefully, this record will bomb even more than the last one and we won't have to deal with any more of her "miraculous" weight losses in the future.
  15. Ruby

    Kate Moss

    Um, that's a cigarette every 3 minutes assuming it was non-stop meaning no breaks for food or the bathroom. Is that even humanly possible? I thought it took like 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette