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  1. nsmallaz

    Star Jones

    This is one of the funniest things I have read in a good long while.... Best Al comment of all time. LOVE LOVE LOVE D-Listed. Funny. But Karma is a bitch sometimes. She should not have screwed with Barb.
  2. nsmallaz

    Eva Mendes

    Then why release any details? Did anybody care where she was or why we haven't seen her? Which chitchatter wrote that drug/alcohol rehab seems to be Hollywood chic these days? (something like that anyway.) I agree with you, that doesn't make sense.
  3. nsmallaz

    Tracy Morgan

    Tracey and Tom Aronld are both hanging out with Adam Sandler, in Phoenix. They all are going to Tucson, this weekend. Tracey and Adam said that Chris Walkins is going to do some stand-up. Tracey was on the radio today and sounded hi.
  4. nsmallaz

    Charlie Sheen

    Bullshit. He was on a power trip and he lost. Contested divorce and child custody hearings are always about control: who loses it, who has it and who doesn't. I don't recall Charlie Sheen being a child actor. He played a bit part, uncredited, in a movie his dad did in 1974. His next screen credit in is 1984 when he was 20. Ok. Ok
  5. nsmallaz

    Charlie Sheen

    Remember he is a child actor, so I don't think he wants his girls to go through what he went through. He's just protecting them.
  6. nsmallaz

    Charlie Sheen

    But, now these kids are on display.
  7. nsmallaz

    Charlie Sheen

    I want to know the premise of this reality show, because Denise is about as exciting as a warm plate of diarrhoea. Wonderful quote. Can I use that one?
  8. nsmallaz

    Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn

    Saw the video. I thought it was funny and a BOLD move. Tom should not care are Jerry making the tape. Tom is a OT 8, he got over it or should.
  9. nsmallaz

    Tiger Woods

    Tiger will be here soon, in Scottsdale.
  10. nsmallaz


    She is bi anyway.
  11. nsmallaz


    Sometimes they go too too far. They forget the facts.
  12. nsmallaz

    Jared Leto

    I miss those days.
  13. nsmallaz

    Jared Leto

    It's seems, he's not doing anything.
  14. nsmallaz

    Courteney Cox & David Arquette

    I thought the show was off the air.
  15. nsmallaz

    Eddie Murphy

    You are so right. Why get married? If they wanted to have a party, just throw one.