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  1. That's effing poetic justice right there! ;-) I hope no one else picks them up. I have to agree with others who liken them to cockroaches - nothing can get rid of them forever.....But without tv, might be easier for me to ignore ;-) I've never watched, but still know way too much about the family....

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  2. Dear god I added another streamer - Peacock. I can't even use my smart tvs for that damn option! But I really wanted to watch AP Bio and the new Psych movie, and I have 3 months free from Universal (we got season passes for the parks in Florida in February.... before we knew what 2020 would bring) So we watched the first AP Bio and the Psych movie this weekend and also a couple episodes of Third Rock from the Sun because we've been trying to watch on Amazon prime but that never wants to load on the tv we watch the most. So we hooked up my laptop to the tv and watched Peacock that way......

  3. Really enjoyed Jessica Simpsons memoir. Who knew?! Had our first book club for Prisoners of Geography on Saturday and that was amazing. We talked for 3 hrs - and some of it was actually the book! 😉 Next book club in a month...

    Half way through The Woman Before Wallis by Bryn Turnbull - historical fiction about David, Prince of Wales mistress before Wallis, Thelma, Lady Furness. Aunt of Gloria Vanderbilt too...Very well written and y'all know I have a minor Wallis obsession so this is an interesting piece of history/fiction to add. It's her first novel too, I think.

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  4. I'm too pragmatic to think that Netflix or any other big company would do the right thing because it's the right thing. They do what will get them a lot of press and money and if they choose the more diverse option among a couple of big potential earners, for now I'm happy with that. They gave Ava Duvernay & Shonda Rimes good deals too - which is good for everyone - they are proven talents who ALSO make money, they are committed to diversity at depth - at all levels, they rise and pull up others behind. So far, I'm not sure there's another entertainment company doing as much. So, pragmatically 😉 I'm going to continue to praise Netflix a little. 

    EVERY charity wants visibility. Whether it's a royal patronage or Hollywood celeb or something going viral in social media - it brings attention, and attention can bring money.....


  5. What I have liked about their approach thus far is they are choosing DIVERSE charities/groups to work with. And to me it seems they try to center those groups and not themselves. I really think they're trying to use their celebrity to bring attention & shine a light. Yes, I'm sure I have my rosy glasses on - that's ok sometimes when it comes to philanthropy. Does it really matter how it happens when the Hub cookbook is a best seller, raising funds for a good cause?

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  6. 29 minutes ago, branchop said:

    I really am trying to like Meghan and Harry, but this is making it hard....   

    Doesn't bother me at all. They have to make money - I have hopes their programming will have integrity. And heck, use the Obamas and Oprah as role models - they're making money too, high quality stuff, own production companies - opportunities to enhance/increase real diversity if they want to (I'm reading Lainey's piece on this now) I'm not judging. This is a hell of a lot better than whatever creepo Andy was doing trying to get rich people into the Palace for whatever reasons he had....(I do not think enhancing Britain's trade relations was his guiding motive....)

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  7. I keep wanting to edit the title but I can't!

    I'm not sure current tax records are impacted by the court case? So I don't know if it would show how he's profited from the presidency with his grifting ways and utter disregard for ethics and his entire administration's ignoring the Hatch Act.

    BUT I would love to see the fraud from his valuations for insurance & loan purposes vs his valuation for tax purposes :angry3: ANNNNNNNNND all the paperwork from Deutsche Bank! In up to their eyeballs in this mess.......And the money laundering for the Russians.

    Crap. I sound like a conspiracy theorist now.

  8. Holy hell. What use to be a governess & tutor, I guess. Oy the language. On the other hand, I can think of a ton of classmates of mine who would have done this (and been qualified to do this!) for a year or two after college.....I had a crazy boss in my first job after undergrad - you can handle it for a little while.....

  9. OK, I just started reading Jessica Simpson's memoir and it's GOOD! I'm not sure she had help - she's been super open so I think if she had a ghostwriter she would have noted that but who knows. Anyway, so far so good....

    My college roommates have decided to do a book club after doing an alumni webinar a few weeks ago from one of our favorite professors on geopolitics. So we're reading Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, and in a few weeks, we'll have the first of our discussions. I've never been in a book club before! ;-) This one will be tri-continental!! We're in the US, UK, and Mozambique.....

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