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  1. Bunchie

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    I actually find this refreshing. I don't have children, but I get a good bit of comfort when I hear women confess that they weren't as attached to their babies as society would expect. I know this is a celebrity gossip website, and I don't mean to be glib, but everytime we hear a woman acknowlege the difficulties of motherhood, it brings me that much closer to having a child myself. I don't have the natural maternal instinct that many other women have: my mother is deceased, my mother-in-law is vehemently anti-children, I don't have anyone who is vying to care for my babies - but I don't want my reproductive years to pass me by simply because motherhood is "difficult." For a career woman, there are few options (and few perspectives) out there. Everything I get adds value.
  2. Bunchie

    Sienna Miller

    I hate to be a Sienna Miller apologist, but I do feel sorry for her here. It is quite possible that Balthazar and Rosetta Getty were separated when he hooked up with Sienna; we really don't know. And, and at least in some cases, a separation is a license to date other people. Furthermore, she's not the one who is/was married! I'm not saying its the best course of action to take up with a married/separated man, but I feel like he is the one who deserves the brunt of the blame. I think society tends to find fault in the woman regardless of the circumstances, and here Balthazar is the one violating marriage vows - not Sienna. Ok, call me a Sienna Superfan.
  3. Bunchie

    Miley Cyrus

    I wish they'd quit lying! TMZ had stills from the shoot and Miley was wrapped in that blanket, it wasn't digitally altered. Also, Vanity Fair and Leibovitz are claiming that Billy Ray was there for it. Plus Leibovitz has a reputation of sharing all of the snaps with everyone, and not making them scandalous. Somebody is obviously lying and I think it's the party that has the most to lose. It's simple, if you want her to be on a Disney channel, don't use sexuality to sell her. Oops. I think the article is saying that JAMIE CURTIS was shocked that her photo was digitally altered...
  4. Bunchie

    Ivanka Trump

    Wow. I can't believe you don't think she's a pretty girl. I think she's stunning. Just goes to show you, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... (terrible, terrible boob job, though.)
  5. Bunchie

    Sienna Miller

    You think? I think she looks lovely here. She's an especially pretty girl, IMO - it's too bad she parades around town looking dirty 90% of the time.
  6. Bunchie


    How gory is this? I love, love Michael C. Hall (I was a HUGE Six Feet Under fan), but I can't stand to watch blood and guts. I can barely stand to watch CSI (and I cover my eyes during the really gross parts!). I haven't tuned in because of this, but I'd hate to miss out.
  7. Bunchie

    Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G

    That's funny considering Cohen is Jewish himself. Anyone see the episode of Ali G where he goes into this Southern-type bar and sings all these anti-semitic songs -- and the entire crowd gets really into it? Hysterical. And very scary. LOL! I saw that one...The song was "Throw a Jew Down a Well!" The crowd all got into it...and it was a redneck bar. Oh man, I remember that episode. The worst thing about it was that the song was so catchy! I was singing "Throw the Jew down the well/so my people can be free/something something something something/and we'll have a big party!" all freakin' week. It was a little hard to explain.
  8. Bunchie

    Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G

    This makes me laugh just thinking about it. I would give anything to see GWB & Ali G.
  9. Bunchie

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

    No way she's only 37. Agreed, MC. NO WAY! I put her at 42. It's been long rumored she lies about her age. By about 10 years, right? I think she's 47. She looks great for 47. Wouldn't you rather look great for 47 than have everyone saying you look awful and haggard for 37?
  10. Bunchie

    Ashlee Simpson

    Makeover complete! Is that a picture of Ashlee or Jessica? All that remains is for Papa Joe to force Ashlee to get her boobs done so he'll have Jessica's understudy/his next meal ticket when Jessica's star goes down in flames. Seriously - Ashlee or Jessica? That looks like Jessica - and I've never thought she and Ashlee looked that much alike....