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  1. TubaGirl

    Brad and Angelina

    You know she'll run for something eventually. Her ego will make her.
  2. TubaGirl

    Brad and Angelina

    Didn't she say the other day that she's considered going into politics?
  3. TubaGirl

    Where do you guys buy ebooks?

    sorry to take so long to respond... You can't downoad it anymore.
  4. TubaGirl

    Talk Shows

    Here's a link tht list talk shows and who's going to be on them: http://www.interbridge.com/lineupsdate.html (by date) or http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html (by show).
  5. TubaGirl

    Where do you guys buy ebooks?

    I have a Mac and read on a Nook HD+. I couldn't find any apps on the BN site.
  6. TubaGirl

    Where do you guys buy ebooks?

    According to some threads on http://www.mobileread.com, Kobo might switch to a book format called KEPUB which is an extended EPUB. It might not be possible to crack them yet. Also, the Kobo store doesn't like my credit card, didn't like a visa gift card I got at the mall a while ago, and the only place in the USA to get giftcards for them is at Frys which isn't very convenient for me. After researching the matter what I want are books in EPUB format with Adobe Digital Editions for the DRM. While playing around with calibre I noticed the "Get Books" button with the globe icon. It searchs online bookstore for the book you want. I don't know how I missed it for so long. Doing some searches for books I want I discovered http://www.ebooks.com. They have exactly what I want. They took my visa gift card so that's where I'll be buying from from now on. There are a couple of books I want that are only available from Amazon, so i'll just have to deal with that.
  7. TubaGirl

    Where do you guys buy ebooks?

    I use Calibre and the DRM plugins to crack ebooks. It's easy. I'm sure they can be used on library books but I've never tried. i'm going to buy something from Kobo tomorrow. I'll update with how it goes. http://calibre-ebook.com/ <== calibre's homepage https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/ <== all about cracking ebooks and the programs to do it http://store.kobobooks.com/ <== Kobo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJQuKJtyaUw <==
  8. TubaGirl

    Where do you guys buy ebooks?

    I used to buy my ebooks from Barnes & Noble because they're in EPUB format and they let you download them. I would download them, crack the DRM, and then read them wherever I wanted. Sometimes I would convert them into other formats. They don't let you download them anymore. I was going to start buying from Amazon from now on, but sometimes when you convert kindle files they come out bad. There's also Kobo. Their ebooks are in EPUB format. Anyone have any experience with them? Is there anywhere else I should consider?
  9. TubaGirl

    Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) Caught on Tape

    Not to sound like an uncaring bitch, but I want to hear the tape before I believe it. I've heard a lot of crazy things made during divorce proceedings by a spouse just to screw over the other. And the cops investigated and didn't press charges? Something isn't right here.
  10. TubaGirl

    Feet question - Any runners here?

    He just told him to stretch his calves and gave him something called a "Prostretch". You stand on it and rock back and it really stretches them out. He says he's stretched his calves as far as he can with it. He also bought a "truMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager" where you put pads on your muscles and it gives a small electric charge to flex them. He likes it and says "it's doing something" and "it's weird".
  11. A guy at work runs a lot and because of this he’s developed a problem. His calves are extremely tight which has caused numbness in his feet that goes up his legs. He said he’s had the problem for “around 5 years”. Holy crap! I asked him about it and he said he saw a podiatrist soon after it started. The doctor gave him a blood test a ruled out diabetes and told him he had pinched nerves. The doctor gave him some inserts for his shoes that were supposed to unpinch them. They didn’t seem to work but the doctor told him to keep wearing them. They didn’t work and after 2.5 years he stopped wearing them. He saw some other doctors, including some back specialists, and whatever they told him didn’t work. Finally he saw another podiatrist and he told him he has tight calves and it’s causing the problems and he sees this all of the time. The doctor was describing his problems before he could tell them what they were. He was told to stretch his calves and he will loosen up and the feeling will come back. It might take a while though since his calves are like concrete. He’s been stretching them and it seems to be working but it’s vey slow. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Is stretching the way to go? Will the feeling come back? He’s a big sweetie and helps me out a lot so I want to help him. Anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated.
  12. TubaGirl

    Taylor Swift

    I was cleaning out the HD and stumbler across these...
  13. TubaGirl

    ebook reader question

    Thanks for everyone's help. I read somewhere that the ePub format let's you make a personal index. That sounds like it could work so I'll look into it. If you want to learn how to get rid of the DRM in your ebooks, and/or change formats check out this blog: https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com
  14. TubaGirl


    Love the upgrade! Some of the smilies don't seem to be working though.