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Captain America

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Role of Captain America offered to Chris Evans

‘Fantastic Four’ actor beats out Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, others

By Gregory Ellwood



updated 58 minutes ago

The long, drawn out process to determine who will carry the shield of America's greatest super-patriot is over. Sources have confirmed to HitFix that Chris Evans has been offered the role of the title hero in "The First Avenger: Captain America."


Other candidates for the part included Channing Tatum, Ryan Phillippe, John Krasinski and Mike Vogel. HitFix has learned the word about Evans' casting came down this afternoon to the other potential Cap's that the role was Evans'. Some of the other new actors auditioning for the role had not even met with director Joe Johnston yet when the decision was made.


Evans is hardly a stranger to comic fans. He previously played hot-head Johnny Storm in 20th Century Fox's two "Fantastic Four" movies. Assuming Evans takes the role, he'll be committed to a number of future Marvel films including "Captain America" sequels, "The Avengers" and appearing in other Marvel Universe pictures.


The 28-year-old actor last appeared on screen in 2009's Sci-Fi thriller "Push." He'll star opposite Zoe Saldana in another comic book adaptation, "The Losers," next month. He'll follow that up with "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" which is based on a popular series of graphic novels.


On a humorous note, this may be the second blonde Marvel hero the brown-haired Evans has played, but did not dye his hair for. Fans were initially ruffled when Evans stayed dark-haired as Johnny Storm so will he pull out the peroxide for Steve Rogers? Stay tuned.


No word officially from Marvel Studios or distributor Paramount Pictures at this time.

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I think Will Smith could be a great Captain America!

:lol: :banana: :alien_dance: :wacko:


click on this pic and see my comments:




I found this pic and immediately thought of the old rumor about Will Smith starring in a live action film about Captain America! If the producers & directors would commit to a vision & tone like this visceral image- Will would do a fantastic job!!!

Also, this pic reminds me of my Big Brother, Daniel. ;-) Over 25yrs in Armed Forces and STILL kicking ass!!!!!! HAROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the design of the shield. It resembles that of a knight.

FINALLY a new & different shield for Captain America that is even MORE patriotic! It looks almost like a flag. ;-D

The long lean body of the soldier looks just like Will Smith to me. And I like the gun, just an average yet deadly weapon. The helmet looks retro but cool and definitely a necessity considering all the destruction in the background.

This Captain America looks HUMAN yet his strength and courage are EXTRAordinary.


Well, that's my 2cents. PEACE :flag:

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