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Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman, three friends when created Blue Man Group

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Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman, three friends when created Blue Man Group in 1987 did not even imagine that their creative idea to present theatrical shows and concerts without any verbal communication from the performers will become a household name. Blue Man Group is known mainly for its heavy multimedia performances from a trio dressed in black with blue head covers that hide their faces and ears and who make audience enjoy every bit of their onstage movements even without uttering a single word. All three BMG founding friends now have taken administrative roles in the company. Blue Man Group currently runs its productions in different countries including United States, Germany, Japan, Norwegian Cruise Line and Austria. BMG will close its Austria production on January 2, 2011.

The Grammy Award for Audio makes incredible use of musical instruments such as Strings, Drums and Pipes and tubes that help audience to enjoy an entirely new theatrical production. Blue Man Group will open its 2010/2011 to tour North America on December 22, 2010 from Philadelphia where it will run through January 2, 2011 the Merriam Theatre. Kalen Allmandinge, a performer with the Blue Man Group for over 10 years will lit up the Merriam Theatre stage and he is excited about to be a part of the first theatrical production to tour North America.

Blue Man Group theatrical shows have been the most stylized shows produced in 2010 and BMG after 23 years of running will be proudly hitting all the major US cities including Wausau, Peoria, Newport News, Atlanta, Portland, Austin, Houston, Durham, Charlotte among others. BMG will arrive at the Warner Theatre, Washington, DC where it will run from March 23 through April 3, 2011 and sale for the shows is on. BMG’s another highly anticipated tour is of San Francisco at the Golden Gate Theater from May 24 through June 19, 2011. Blue Man Group will bring the wonder combination of comedy, music and technology to the Hammerson Hall, Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, ON from February 8 through February 10, 2011.

Blue Man Group is a kind of show that is a perfect fit for an audience of every age; adults enjoy the meaningful backstage commentary and the silent performances while kids enjoy the visual multi-media, heavy lights and masked performers and it takes them an hour to get into their dresses and they use a grease paint on their hands that helps them look wet throughout their acts. Buy cheap Blue Man Group tickets to watch out your favorite shows live with your family and friend.

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