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The Magic Flute

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The Magic Flute, a dramatic opera by Mozart is not only the oldest opera that even today is as popular as it was more than three centuries back at the time of its debut in 1791. The Opera is originally based on a German libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder. Once you hold your seats and curtain lifts up, the Magic Flute takes you to a new world of fantasy where a series of supernatural events happen and you wonder how creative Mozart was when he composed this critically acclaimed Opera. In order to get these answers we have to go into the past of the Magical Flute’s legendary creator. According to the history, Mozart had extraordinary childhood inclination towards music that made his father to instruct him when he showed immense interest in his sister’s harpsichord lessons. At the very early age of his childhood he started composing short stories and a few years later the new young boy got skills in violin playing. Over the time he transformed into a matured stories composer and finally composed the biggest story of his life, The Magic Flute, in the last year of his life in 1791 that set the standards for the future opera composers not only in German but also internationally.

The Magic Flute is assumed to be aimed towards two types of audiences; the Viennese members of the Schikaneder Theater and Freemasons members who had both Mozart and Schikaneder on its membership list. The Magical Flute is the eight most frequently played opera in North America and its one of the favorite holiday season Opera. The Opera Theatre of Weston will be presenting the Magical Flute on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at Rutland’s Paramount Theatre at 3 pm and second and two more performances will be at the Weston Playhouse on Saturday, January 15 at 3 pm and on Sunday, January 16 at 2 pm. The three performances will be played by a group of professional singers from Sarasota Opera and Houston Opera.

The once-act version of the Magical Flute is ready for matinees shows for the first time opera attendees at The Metropolitan Opera, NYC, with four more weekday matinees at 11 am through January 3 along with three evening performances through January 6, 2011. The Michigan Opera Theatre recently revealed that Magical Flute was the most favorite concert for the ending year and will return to the theater April 9, 2011 through April 17, 2011. An Arabic Version of the Mozart's The Magic Flute will be performed in January at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Buy cheap The Magic Flute tickets from broadwayticketsale to enjoy all Magical Flute Shows live with your family and friends!

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