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West Side Story Musical

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West Side Story is undoubtedly the oldest Broadway musical that hit the theater in 1957 and immediately captured the attention of audience especially the youth. West Side Story is popular due to the presence of social elements particularly related to the youngsters. The musical also has successive London as well as other international productions that earned him many notable awards. The story of the musical is extracted from the William Shakespeare's smash hit novel Romeo and Juliet that expresses the true love of two teenagers that ends tragically.

The West Side Story musical tells the story of two teenage street rival gangs, The Jets and The Sharks , who continuously fights to get control of the neighborhood. The bad boy Riff is the leader of Jets and the spoiled kid Bernardo heads the Sharks. The teenage love characters of the musical are Tony, a member of Jets and Maria, sister of Sharks’ leader Bernardo. The two love birds fall in love at a dance party and Tony gets killed by Chino, a member of Sharks and Marias silent lover. The most famous scene of the play and the musical is the balcony scene in which Tony searches for Maria immediately seeing her at the dance party and finds her at the balcony expressing her love for him.

The 2010 Laurence Olivier and 2009 Tony Awards winning musical is currently running at the Hobby Center, Houston, TX where it will run through Sunday, January 23. The Broadway production of West Side Story musical performed at The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA from January 25-January31 before it head to Florida State for performances in cities including Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa and West Palm Beach from February 1 to March 13, 2011. The Broadway production of the musical that has gone through several revivals will be touring across the county for performances at cities including New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, Kansas City, Baltimore, Providence, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Rochester, Buffalo, Boston, Minneapolis, Greenville and Costa Mesa and it will run through September 18, 2011.

The West Side Story musical inspired the William Shakespeare's novel is now presented in a more modern way then its original 1950’s New York context. The new version of the musical has now some lyrics different from the original songs and to maintain the original theme, some of the songs like "I Feel Pretty" and "Tonight," are now sung in Spanish. However the overall unbeatable music score by the original compose Leonard Bernstein has been retained. Buy cheap West Side Story tickets and enjoy all the shows live in theater with you family or friends.

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