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Natalie Wood case re-opened

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The report sounds suggestive, but can there really be any followup after so long?


Suggestive is a good word -- the repoirt seems to stop short of declaring the death a homicide.

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This is from Enty, so take it what you will, but this is related:


Long lost documents from the Natalie Wood death investigation have been recovered by The Enquirer. Part of the documents include notes from a log of lifeguards that was submitted to police as a part of the searching for the body of Natalie Wood. The log states in part that detectives were working on a theory that Natalie Wood had walked in on Robert Wagner and Chirstopher Walken having sex just prior to the death of Natalie Wood. It is not that I don't believe the story, but I'm not sure how that would lead to the argument and death. If Wagner and Walken were having sex on the boat, chances are they had sex before and Natalie probably would have known about it. Would her discovering them be enough to cause an argument and get her tossed overboard?



The first comment has interesting info as well:


Sherry R. said...


I came across this interesting Wiki page. It's about an actor named Robert La Tourneaux:


"He also gave an interview to a gay magazine naming his famous married closeted bisexual lovers, alleging one of them to have been Academy award-winning actor Christopher Walken. He also accused Walken of having an affair with another married actor, Robert Wagner, on the night of actress Natalie Wood's (Wagner's wife) unexplained death. In 1983, La Tourneaux was arrested for assault after trying to extract money from a client and incarcerated at the Rikers Island prison While in prison, La Torneaux attempted suicide."




Who knows if it's the truth, but it's an interesting read.

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At 87 years old, does anybody realistically think that the LA DA office is going to prosecute him. How long before Christopher Walken is named a person of interest?




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