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Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's Hunky Son, Wants "To Be a Man's Man," Models in Town & Country

Entertainment September 17, 2013 AT 1:20PM By Fan Winston

US Magazine


Let Us make your day. Introducing…Scott Eastwood, the 27-year-old son of Hollywood's standard-setting leading man extraordinaire Clint Eastwood. And from the looks of the photo spreads in Town & Country's October issue, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


In the interview, which is accompanied by shots of the preternaturally handsome, self-described "man's man" modeling nautical fashion, the Monterey, CA native revealed his career goals: "I want to be a man's man -- not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star but a no-bulls--t leading man," he shared. With an impressive roster of films that fit his macho requirements (including Dawn Patrol, a murder drama, and Fury, a WWII movie with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf), it seems like he's well on his way to realizing his aspirations.


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When he's not acting (or surfing or fishing), he's at Solana Beach's Saddle Bar, of which he's a co-owner. "I'm not a club kind of guy," he told the magazine. "Dive bars are much more my thing. They're no-nonsense."


Just don't credit his good fortune to his Hollywood pedigree. (His mother is Jaclyn Reeves, a former flight attendant with whom Clint had two children; in all, the actor-filmmaker had seven kids with five different women.) Despite growing up on his father's film sets, the younger Eastwood has pursued non-acting jobs as a construction worker, a bartender, and a valet. "As a director and an actor, my dad's motto is 'Tell the truth.' The only way of doing that is having life experiences and being a storyteller," he explained.

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Tallulah Willis Secretly Enters Rehab After Months Of Out-Of-Control Behavior — ‘Demi Feels So Much Guilt,’ Insider Says

Posted on Aug 6, 2014 @ 4:18AM
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis‘ youngest daughter, Tallulah, secretly entered a rehab treatment center last month for cocaine and alcohol abuse, according to a new report.

Star magazine reports that the 20-year-old admitted herself into The Meadows in Arizona on July 23 after spiraling down a dangerous path — and mom Moore fears her daughter is taking after her.


“Demi feels so much guilt about Tallulah spiraling out of control like she did,” a source told the magazine, recalling Moore’s rehab stint in 2012.

“It’s like she’s living past experiences all over again. But she’s trying to be strong for her daughter.”


Arrested when she was just 17 for underage drinking, Scout and Rumer‘s younger sister has been a fixture on the Hollywood party scene.


“Tallulah doesn’t know right from wrong, because she was raised without boundaries,” another source said. “She looks for trouble to get attention.”



The magazine claims that on May 8 while partying at a Roosevelt Hotelevent, her sister Scout caught Tallulah snorting cocaine and told their father, Bruce.


The Die Hard star threatened to cut his daughter off financially if she didn’t seek help, according to the report, but feeling betrayed by her sister Scout, Tallulah moved to New York City in mid-June where she actually dove deeper into the cocaine abuse.



“Demi was the shoulder to cry on that Tallulah needed so badly,” the insider told Star, explaining that the actress flew her daughter back out to Los Angeles and convinced her to enter rehab.


“Demi had been shocked when Tallulah confessed to her,” the source said, “but she knew enough not to judge. She knew her daughter needed her, and she was glad she could be there to help.”


To find out more about Tallulah’s rehab stay and how mom Demi is coping, pick up the latest issue of Star magazine, on newsstands everywhere Thursday!

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