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Star Wars Episode VII (set 30 years after Return fo the Jedi)

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Harrison Ford: Star Wars 7 actor 'hoping to announce some good news soon' following film set accident



The cloud that has descended over the Star Wars: Episode VIIproduction schedule may have a silver lining - Harrison Ford is set to announce some “good news” after being hospitalised following an accident on set.


The 71-year-old was airlifted to hospital after a hydraulic door fell on him and broke his ankle while he was filming the new movie at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.


But over the weekend a publicist told Sky News they were “hoping to announce some good news soon.“

Ford’s wife, the Ally McBeal actress Calista Flockhart, flew from the US to be by her husband’s side a spokesman told The Telegraph.

However, although Ford is on the mend, he could still miss up to eight weeks of filming.

A source told the Mirror: “The initial day or two after the accident it was hard to move things around but now we have had more time we can juggle things, bring some scenes forward and push others back. There are lots of other actors in the movie so it is not a disaster. We are still confident the film can stay on schedule.

“At the moment it looks like Harrison is going to be off set for six to eight weeks but the main priority is making sure he is OK.”

Ford is reprising his role as Han Solo in JJ Abrams' sequel, which will be the first Star Wars title released by Disney, after creator George Lucas sold the rights to the franchise in 2012. Due to reach cinemas in December 2015, it is understood that the film will be set 30 years after the events in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, the thirdStar Wars film to be released.

Episode VII will also see the return of the three principal characters from the original trilogy, reuniting Ford with Mark Hamill, playing Luke Skywalker, and Carrie Fisher, playing Princess Leia.

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Mark Hamill Discusses New ‘Star Wars’ Film, Says Harrison Ford Is ‘Doing Really Well’
MOVIES | By Jordan Zakarin on July 25, 2014 @ 12:23 pm


“It will take more than that to stop Harrison Ford,” actors says about the broken leg his co-star suffered on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII”

Han Solo is recovering well, according to Luke Skywalker.


Mark Hamill walked the red carpet at the U.K.'s “Guardians of the Galaxy” premiere on Thursday, and gave reporters an update on his own space epic — including a report on the broken leg that old palHarrison Ford suffered on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII.”


“I was not on set,” Hamill told the BBC, referring to the accident in which the Millennium Falcon's door betrayed its pilot. “It was really terrible, but I hear he's doing really well. It will take more than that to stop Harrison Ford.”


Disney and Lucasfilm announced that Ford, 71 would be out six to eight weeks in mid-June, and that the J.J. Abrams-directed epic would work around his injury and film on schedule.


Hamill was quite enthusiastic about the project, saying that he never expected to get a call back to the Galaxy Far, Far Away — and that formerly babyfaced Luke Skywalker will now be sporting whiskers.


“We are just there to lend our support and grow contractually obligated beards,” Hamill said. :D

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I guess I'm just not "with" it because I'm not getting what all the fuss is that the media is making about the latest Star Wars movie. I liked the movies, but again...not feeling crazed over it like many I know are.

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I've never been a huge SciFi fan - I'll watch some stuff but it's not my favorite genre. My mom is a much bigger scifi fan - she took me to the first Star Wars (probably one of my first theater movies as I was only 4 when it was released ;-)


As with all movies these days, we'll wait until it's on DirecTV or even free ;-)

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I love my SciFi. And I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so excited to see this movie. I only go to movies two or three times a year, I usually wait to watch at home but I'll be seeing this one in the theater in a few weeks when the crowds aren't so bad. My 75 year old father wants me to take him too, I think he expects to see Princess Leia in a gold bikini flashback :D

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