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Netflix (idiot question)

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Is the only option for netflix some sort of monthly membership? I live in the boonies and have satellite internet with not much data- don't stream unless we have extra data at the end of the cycle and then we might watch a movie. But I really want to see Wet Hot Summer so I might watch at work or something. I know with Amazon, when you have Prime you get a bunch of stuff free, but what's not free you can also rent or buy. Just wondering how Netflix works. Website not terribly informative unless you sign up.... Thanks!

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Yes, you can get a monthly membership just for streaming or a monthly membership to just get DVD by mail. You can also buy a year or whatever at a time, but most people do a month at a time. I think the original programming is ONLY streaming.


Is this a movie sequel or have they turned it into a series? If it's a movie that you can watch in two hours, just sign up for the free trial, watch the movie, then cancel it. There's no "just buy this one movie" option.

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They made a short series for this summer, an update to the movie I think. I'm not sure how many episodes there will be.


Here - 8 1/2 hour episodes. So I could sign up for a month, watch all (at lunch at work) in a week and then cancel. Or keep for a month and then cancel, whatever.




The movie was the last day of camp. This is the prequel - the first day of camp.

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