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Feud - from Ryan Murphy 2017

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I didn't watch any of the other shows - American crime or American Horror Story. But Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis? OMFG YES!!! :jumping1: I will definitely be watching that!!

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Liz Smith, gossip columnist, weighs in on Feud http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2016/liz-smith-vive-la-france


WONDERING WHAT to think about the latest anthology series from Ryan Murphy of "American Horror Story" fame? His new one is titled "Feud" and will focus on — obviously — famous feuds. The first up will be the supposed rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Ryan has cast his brilliant "AHS" muse, Jessica Lange as Crawford and Susan Sarandon will play Davis. The action takes place around the production of their one and only co-starring movie, "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"
This has the potential to be grisly or glorious — or gloriously grisly. There's high-camp and then there's, well — an American horror story! The problem with such a tale is that the best information we have pretty much undercuts any carrying on during the making of "Baby Jane."
Neither woman cared much for the other, but they were courteous. Davis, who relished being rude, because it gave her a sense of power, was driven crazy by Crawford's sweet "good mornings," "good evenings" and "bless yous." After Crawford's death, Bette would refer to Joan as a "completely insincere, artificial person." But for the most part she demurred over any "Baby Jane" issues, saying that both of them were "too professional" to have indulged in any tricks or uttered grievances.
Of course, she would insist that Crawford had "campaigned" against her, so Davis would lose the "Baby Jane" Oscar, because Joan hadn't been nominated for her own role as the wheelchair-bound Blanche Hudson. (Anne Bancroft won for "The Miracle Worker." Davis didn't care much for that, either — after all, she reasoned, Bancroft had done the role of Annie Sullivan onstage for several years, whereas she, Bette, had created Jane Hudson all on her own. She liked it even less when Joan popped up to accept the absent Bancroft's Oscar.)
It should be interesting one way or another, I suppose. Although it always surprises me when actors — generally so sensitive about rumors and untruths — agree to portray other actors, often in unflattering ways, long past the point these persons can defend themselves. Odd, yes?



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Finished it this weekend - I loved it!! The acting was amazing and I loved the story. I think Murphy did a great job of highlighting what he wanted to highlight (how Hollywood sucks for women and what women will go through to maintain a career - and how that shit still hasn't changed) and he balanced reality with judicious fiction (I think). I enjoyed each episode, and can't wait for next year!

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