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Has anyone else seen this? I watched it on a flight last month and laughed my butt off. Very Jane Austen comedy of marriage & manners (apparently it was an unfinished/unpublished manuscript - not sure how much was changed in screenwriting). It's snarkier than Austen usually is - more upfront about it, at least! Kate Beckinsale was fabulous in the lead, but I have to agree with Sarah's review on LaineyGossip - Chloe Sevigny is AWFUL in her role.


If you have the chance to catch this film, and you enjoy period comedies (there is some drama, but I really do classify this as a comedy!!) see it!

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If you have Amazon Prime I'm pretty sure it's available for streaming - and I'm also pretty sure Chloe is one of those actors who is only good at playing herself.

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