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Oscars 2017

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Wow. Clicking through those photos, ^^^^^^


Taraji Henson looks gorgeous. Chrissy Teigen always looks like the most fun.


I do wish Nicole Kidman would stick with red hair. She looks so lovely on "Big Little Lies."


Salma. Salma, Salma, Salma. Why?


I have to admit I love Octavia Spencer's dress. I would buy it if I could, and I would find reasons to wear it.


I like Kirsten Dunst's dress, although I am not sure how she can breathe in it.


Laura Dern looks great.


Mel Gibson brought his daughter, I hope. :blink:


Is Michael Strahan wearing a blue velvet tux? I... kind of love it.


WTF: Dakota Johnson, Jessica Biel (for the hair and makeup), Ginnifer Goodwin, Pharell Williams's date/ partner, "Blanca Blanco," who I am not convinced is wearing underwear.


All in all, I see a lot of granny fashions, high necks and dresses that remind me of doilies and old bedspreads.


And musty smells.



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I am really out of current issue trends. What's the blue ribbon stand for that some people were wearing


Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure it's for the ACLU

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