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Lip Sync Battle

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No thread for LSB? So sad! Catching up on older episodes and yesterday I fell in love with Ricky Martin. Sure, I'm 15 years late to the show. What's new? But my teenage heart & hormones went into overdrive when he did Tom Cruise/Risky Business AND Kevin Bacon/Footloose. No way jiggly Kate Upton could compete with that!




Kate Upton just wasn't good (other than her jiggly "water balloons" - my husband's words! She didn't know the words and she was concentrating too much on choreography, which was also hard for her...) Sure, Ricky does this for a living, but lots of actual singers suck when they're on Lip Sync Battle. Comedians tend to be my favorites because they are ALL IN. Which is what I appreciated about Ricky's performance. No holding back for him!!

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This is one of the shows we watch as a couple and love - but it's on the basement dvr so they tend to pile up a bit. I also have been watching some of the TMI episodes (not husband - he doesn't care) But I - who LOVED pop-up Video!!! love those little pop-ups!!)


I think my all-time fave might be Anne Hathaway as Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball, but Ricky Martin in his tighty-whities comes awfully darn close!!

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Loved Alicia Silverstone!





Laughed like crazy when she flipped the bird :D

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