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Shows you just started watching (aka binge confessions)

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I still don't binge, but.....We  continue to watch a LOT of things. The Playboy documentary that's on A&E is very well done, very moving. We have to watch something happy after! (last year, FXX did an Archer marathon and I didn't start watching until a couple seasons ago, so I recorded all of it and we've been watching slowly - I like an Archer episode to feel better after a Playboy episode) I have a huge list of stuff we're streaming - since Starlink is now out to 2023 (maybe) for installation - even though we paid a $$$deposit last year - we still have limited data so are careful. That said - I got a good deal on Hulu so bought that for a year. Ugh. I can't stop 😉

I do continue to prefer funny and weird when it comes to streaming......


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24 Shows That Were Surprisingly Good But Never Popular




I really liked Don’t Trust the B, saw it listed on Hulu recently.  I ended up re-watching and still makes me laugh.  Wish they had not gotten canceled.

Dead Like Me was another fav of mine.


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