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Golden Globes 2018

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Films are made about "bad" people all the time. And people win awards for them. There's never been a rule you have to be an angel to make a good movie. Matter of fact, Hollywood seems to like it better if you're NOT good ;-)


As for I, Tonya, I haven't seen it (I never see movies in theaters) but have enjoyed the reviews on Lainey's website. A LOT about what Tonya faced in terms of class issues in the skating world and abuse from her mother. Reviews are that the movie is quite balanced in its portrayal and is not a whitewash of Tonya, making her into a saint, but showing her realistically as a troubled person who made some bad choices but probably didn't feel she had a lot of good choices to make in the first place...


So, while of course you're welcome to whatever you want to believe, I personally disagree with your assessment.



I would also add that there is two different kinds of abuse here: the "Me Too" movement is about the systematic sexual harassment that takes place in the work place by men in power that has been ignored for forever as opposed isolated acts of violence and crimes of violence whether they take place man against man, man against woman, child against adult or any combination of the above.


The Golden Globes, Oscars, etc. do not celebrate the act of violence, they celebrate the portrayal of the individual by another individual. If there is no recognition of the distinction, Charlize Theron should not have been recognized for her portrayal in Monster which was the portrayal of a woman's violence against men, Sean Penn for Dead Man Walking, Halle Berry for Monster's Ball, etc.


Hoya brings up a good point about the class distinction between Tonya and Nancy -- I remember watching those olympics and the difference between princess Nancy and working class hero Tonya was very evident and as much as I think Nancy was the better skater a little part of me wished that Tonya would unsurp her. Nancy to this day impresses me as self entitled righteous condescending bitch and her whining "why why why" still makes me cringe.

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