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Benedict Cumberbatch

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What?! Years of Sherlock and no thread of his own??




Gossip post about Cumberbatch's Showtime series to come out this year - Patrick Melrose. Love this line!


But though there is less obvious nihilism, the “dissipated, depressed rich white guy” thing checks all of the Bret Easton Ellis boxes, and I KNOW the St. Aubyn books are not like Ellis’s, but Bret Easton Ellis has pretty much ruined “dissipated, depressed rich white guys” for everyone. I’m on the fence of “willing to watch Benedict Cumberbatch do anything” and “super tired of stories about dissipated, depressed rich white guys



I had to stop reading Bret Easton Ellis after his 2nd book and can't watch the movies either, after Less than Zero.....But I do love Cumberbatch. Also I love to say and type his name :-)

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