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Big Brother 20

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I mean....have you seen the video? Bayleigh does not seem sad AT ALL and at one point Swaggy giggles. Not to say that definitely means they are lying, but

I don't think these two will see the fandom other BB couples experience. I think they'll be even further down than Marlena. 😂😂

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So, Branchop, don't know if you've heard any of the BB drama going on BUT...

So Kevin from BB19 had prostate cancer and Swaggy organized some sort of fundraiser event to help him out. Swaggy and Fessy were to play basketball and the proceeds were to go to Kevin for his medical bills, etc. Long story short, Kevin got $500 and had to pay his own travel expenses while Swaggy somehow took a 2k "talent fee' or some such.

I don't have all the details but this sounds like a MESS.

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Oh my - somehow this does not surprise me.  Swaggy is all about him.  I saw that Kevin had cancer but he is better.


are you watching Celebrity BB?  The old guys are taking over and it is fun😂

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Yes - I am really enjoying this season of CelebBB. Glad to see they're all there to play. Lotta nuts, though -- I have to say!

Some thoughts:

Tom is cool but he would be HELL to live with. Does he have an off button?

Same with Kato. 

Lolo - nuts

Natalie Eva Marie has three names and I still don't care. She's pretty though.

Dina - poor Dina LOL


ALSO - check out this blind item I just found! This was posted on 02/04, when Kato was still a houseguest, so I guess this could be Tom (too obvious?), Kato, or Ricky. CURIOUS!

Could it be that one of the contestants on "Celebrity Big Brother" has a secret? Well, they all do - but one of them has a health secret...and it's a doozy. In fact, he (there are so few "he's" left) kept it a secret from the producers, and even bluffed his way through the pre-show physical. All will be revealed...but in the privacy of a bathroom.

Edit to add: while trying to find a solution to the BI on his site, I came across this (see screenshot -- I can't copy from his site) and he's clearly talking about Lolo. Poor thing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.47.29 AM.png

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added screenshot

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Remember when Tom and Drew Barrymore were married?   Watching g this it is so hard to understand...

What could that BI possibly mean?   I think whatever it is - it is Ricky.  He is so quiet and to himself.

Dina is non-threatening, she may end up winning the whole thing.  She is one of the first momagers, so she has to be smarter than she is letting on.   I think she is playing everyone as an airhead.

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