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Emmys 2022

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I think Jean Smart was one of my top picks - she is stunning!!!

Connie Britton is so pretty (and an amazing actress!) but I didn't like her dress, though everyone else seems to.....


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Ok - been a crazy few weeks and finally got some time to check out the fashion :)

Love Elle Fanning look a lot:



I like Z went traditional and classic, even if not the most creative.



Not usually a fan of tulle, but loved it on Amanda's dress. Gave it that little extra it needed. And great color on her.



Sheryl Lee Ralph - did not like the dress, but loved the crystals in her hair.  That must have been a lot of work to do!



Some good shots here of attendees and fashion:  https://www.cnn.com/style/article/2022-emmys-red-carpet/index.html

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