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Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera To Soften Sound


Christina Aguilera wants to tone down her singing voice.


The 'Dirrty' singer has been working with her favourite band, electro pop outfit Ladytron, to help her develop a "softer vocal sound".


Ladytron founder, Daniel Hunt, said: "She's an absolutely amazing singer but one of the things she talked about was working with a softer vocal sound, so I think the stuff we do will feature simpler melodies."


The 28-year-old singer hired the band to help her achieve her new sound after she fell in love with the British quartet's music.


Daniel, 29, said: "We first heard that we were one of Christina's favorite bands last summer. We were thrilled. So we went over to Los Angeles to meet her in December where she identified the type of Ladytron songs that she liked. We were impressed because she had a real deep knowledge of our music - album tracks, not just the singles."


A live collaboration between Christina - who has a one-year-old son Max Liron with husband Jordan Bratman - and the band has not been ruled out, with Ladytron keen to show off their work onstage.


Daniel added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "We're going to finish off some more tunes with her in March.


"We haven't discussed performing together but I'd love for us to do something - maybe be her backing band for a show or two."


Source: monstersandcritics.com

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Nicole Richie Praises Aguilera


Nicole Richie thinks Christina Aguilera is a "great wife".


The 'Simple Life' star befriended the 'Car Wash' singer when they gave birth to their first children, Harlow and Max, last January.


Nicole said: "Christina and I haven't known each other long but we met through mutual friends. Because we had our babies at the same time - they were born one day apart - we've got to know each other.


"She's a great wife, great mom and great singer. She does it all. And I'm sure Max gets better lullabies than Harlow!"


The 27-year-old socialite also spoke about her on/off friendship with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.


She said: "We went through a phase where we weren't speaking, but I think you can safely say that for anyone who has been friends for 25 years.


"I don't really get into fights with people, and if I ever had a falling out it has ultimately been resolved. It's part of growing up."


Source monstersandcritics.com

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Night Owl Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera is "naturally a night owl".


The 'Dirrty' singer - who has a 22-month-old son Max with her music executive husband Jordan Bratman - finds balancing motherhood and work difficult because she is at her most productive in the early hours of the morning.


She said: "When the sun goes down my whole body starts to come alive, although I am a little different now because I do have a child and my hours have been turned upside down for him.


"But I'm still naturally a night owl. If it were up to me my favourite time to work would be between three to four a.m., which is what it used to be before my baby was born."


The 28-year-old star has previously spoken about how having Max has forced her into changing her sleeping patterns.


She explained: "Now I'm a mother, I am getting up earlier. It's 6am every day but I'm a night owl regardless, which means that, for me, going to bed early means trying to get to sleep by 12.30am."


Source monstersandcritics.com

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Christina Aguilera's Erotic Baths


Christina Aguilera's likes to read erotic books in the bath. The singer - who has a two-year-old son, Max, with her music producer husband Jordan Bratman - likes nothing better than flicking through an X-rated novel while she is soaking in soapy suds.


She said: "I love water-eroticas - waterproof books full of erotic stories, if you will. You can literally get the book wet, read it in the bath."


The 29-year-old pop star insists Max is the couple's priority, but recognises it's important she and Jordan make time for each other both in public and in the bedroom.


She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "We make sure we have mommy and daddy nights out. Our child comes first, obviously, but there are certain things you can do.


"Once we know he's in good hands, we go out late at night and have a few drinks. Then we'll come home, dim the lights and do our thing!"


Christina previously vowed motherhood wouldn't stop her enjoying "naked Sundays" with Jordan.


She said: "When it comes to things like our cosy naked Sundays I think it's important for Jordan and I not to lose ourselves.


"Of course, having a child requires a lot of time and attention, but we think it's really important to still have mommy and daddy time."


Source femalefirst

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Christina Aguilera Feels Connection To Song


Christina Aguilera admits she didn't write her new single.


The singer normally pens all her tracks but says she made an exception with 'Not Myself Tonight' because she knew how great it was as soon as she heard it.


Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, she said: "I didn't write it, actually, I really make sure that I write all my material because it's really important that I feel it, but that song kind of showed up at my doorstep.


"I was feeling like going back into the studio and expressing what I'm feeling, and what I've learned. So I was asking for tracks, and what not, and that just kind of showed up. I was like, 'Oh my God, I have to sing this song - it's just so me.' "


'Not Myself Tonight' is the first song from Christina's new album 'Bionic', which she describes as "futuristic".


She said: "It's kind exploring my wild side again, it's really a fun, fun record. Really futuristic. I was inspired by a lot of electronic music, electronic artists, and so you'll hear all of those elements."


Source contactmusic

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Christina Aguilera taps into painful childhood for film debut



Singer-turned-actress Christina Aguilera recalled painful memories from her childhood to make herself cry while filming her big screen debut, "Burlesque."


Aguilera, who plays a struggling dancer in the upcoming film, drew upon her own experiences with an abusive father to conjure up the emotions needed to portray the character.


She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "The girl I play, Ali, has a rough past - her mother dies when she's very young and she's been in foster homes. I could relate to that pain, growing up in an abusive household.


"That gave me great motivation to provoke my tears for those scenes where I had to really pour it on. I felt it deeply, to go through a lot of those things that brought up a lot of painful memories."



source: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate...7#ixzz0kHVSIrLv

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Christina Aguilera Splits from Jordan Bratman


Singer Christina Aguilera is going solo.


Though the pop star, 29, told UsMagaizne.com less than a year ago that she felt “very blessed” in her union with music executive Jordan Bratman, 33, a source close to Aguilera tells Us the couple “have been separated for a few months.”


And though Aguilera and Bratman — who met in 2002 (he was a producer on one of her albums) and wed in 2005 — have not yet decided whether to divorce, the source reveals, “they are now living apart, and they will see how that goes.”


What went wrong?


“They were very much in love,” explains the insider. “But over the last six months, it became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife.”The source adds that Aguilera even “ proposed their August trip to Italy to rekindle their relationship, but it didn’t help.”


The duo remain united in their commitment, however, to son Max, 2.


“He is their main concern,” says the pal. Aguilera has even been bringing the tot to the studio while she wraps up the soundtrack for her November 24 musical, Burlesque.


“Christina is doing her best to be a great mom,” says the insider. “She has a lot to juggle, but she’s learning how to make it work and balance it all.”



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Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce

Today 9:36 AM PDT by Josh Grossberg



That sound you just heard? The other shoe dropping.


Two days after announcing that she and husband of five years Jordan Bratman had separated, Christina Aguilera has gone ahead and filed for the Big D, E! News has confirmed.



Read more: http://www.eonline.com/#ixzz12M6Olz7G

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