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Animal Pics

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Wait..a...minute. That looks to me like a bunny with TWO pancakes on his head. Silver dollar pancakes.Heh. I don't know why that picture is so funny. It just is. The bunny is so sort of deadpan. Um, ok, there are pancakes on my head. That's kind of weird, but I'm just going to be very very still and maybe they will go away.

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LOL, maybe it's trained like a dog. Once given permission, it flips it's heads up, the pancakes go flying and just as they hit the ground the bunny eats 'em up :D

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LOl TG, you do find some good ones :D

I'm glad you like them. :lol: I'm cleaning out my harddrive. I'll post 'em as I find 'em. :wacko: I really like these Clickable Smilies. :o

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A bill (S.B. 1349) has been introduced in the California state
legislature that will make a second or subsequent offense of
illegal cockfighting punishable as a felony
. I hope you will
join me and urge your state legislators to support this
important humane legislation. It will only take a minute. Here
is the link here.

This is supported by the Humane Society. Here is what the letter says that you submit:

Cockfighting is an egregious form of animal cruelty, in which roosters are bred for viciousness, drugged to heighten aggression, fitted with razor-sharp knives or icepick-like gaffs on their legs, and set to hack each other to death for the amusement and illegal gambling of spectators.

California is surrounded by states which provide felony-level penalties for cockfighting cruelty. Therefore, the state is a haven for illegal cockfighters. And cockfights have contributed to the spread of avian diseases, like Exotic Exotic Newcastle Disease, killing birds by the millions.

I actually got an auto email from my local rep saying he got the email, the email address looks like his normal work address. :lol: Assuming it figured out which is my local rep by the address field.

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