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patty jackson


The month of February is going to be huge one for Prince. He’s up for five Grammy Awards, and he will be performing during the halftime show at Superbowl 41. Superbowl Sunday is set for February 4th. The game will air on CBS.

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Pop superstar Prince will ring in the New Year (07) at his new Las Vegas nightclub, "3121."

Guests who pay $312.10 will be treated to a Prince concert at the Rio casino club and a six-course-meal, prepared by the "Purple Rain," hitmaker's personal chef, who runs the venue's new restaurant, "3121 Jazz Fusion."

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A friend of ours who used to write for Rolling Stone told us an amusing story about the recently departed James Brown.


It was back in the early 80's and this reporter called James to ask his opinion of the new sensation Prince, who was being compared to him.


Prince's shiny suits, pompadour hair, and melodramatic songs were reminiscent of early James Brown. When our reporter got James on the phone and brought up Prince, Brown didn't hold back. "He's a skinny imitation of me!" growled the Godfather of Soul.


"HE RIPPED ME OFF!" The moves, the style, the hair - I did it all first!" We don't know if James became more politically correct later on, but he had no love for Prince back then.




Janet Charlton

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janet charlton


It looks like a feud actually IS starting to bubble between Justin Timberlake and Prince. Our clever colleague, CJ, who writes for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, says SOME people think Justin's new CD apes Prince's style. At an Emmys party Prince announced "For whoever is claiming that they are bringing sexy back, sexy never left!" And who can forget Justin at the Golden Globes, squatting in front of the microphone to imitate his tiny rival. Looks like Justin really RESENTS those comparisons between his CD and Prince's music. He and Nelly Furtado came out with the diss song "Give it to Me" in which he mocks Prince's mumbling, and jokes "We missed you on the charts last week." (Justin's CD is outselling Prince's 3121 by a MILE. ) The ball is in Prince's court

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No Malfunction As Prince Rocks Halftime


Phew! CBS got through the halftime show without a "wardrobe malfunction." The Artist Formerly Known as a Munchkin of Wardrobe Dysfunction began by singing "Let's Go Crazy," but he didn't.


Prince, who became a Jehovah's Witness in the mid-1990s, no longer wears yellow, butt-baring pants as he did at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards (prompting Howard Stern's send-up at the '92 VMAs). The closest thing to a fashion statement Sunday night was an odd kerchief on his head. So the NFL had no repeat of the 2004 Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake show, which happened the last time CBS broadcast the game.


The 48-year-old Prince, who rose to stardom in the '80s with his distinctive fusion of R&B, funk, soul and rock, once looked androgynous and produced songs that (lest we forget) drove Tipper Gore nuts (and made her a fat target for anti-censorship types like Frank Zappa).


Musically, the diminutive, erstwhile prodigy from Minneapolis kept it old-school, rockin' the house with "Purple Rain" and other golden hits.


He delivered one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows - ever. Consequently, he didn't come across as a painfully safe choice - or a has-been, the rap against the previous couple of Super Bowl halftime acts, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.


Before and after Prince took the midfield stage (shaped like his symbol when he was The Artist Formerly Known As Prince), Jim Nantz and Phil Simms gave a bravura performance in the booth. Now in their third season together, the duo have a nice rapport.


Making his Super Bowl play-by-play debut, Nantz kept viewers on top of the action. Simms managed to be self-effacing about at least one comment that was off the mark. He insisted the weather would not be a factor; but the rain got heavier than he anticipated, and after the third of four turnovers in the first quarter, he chuckled about what he said.


"The rain is absolutely having a little effect," he acknowledged.


It had an effect on CBS, too.


CBS Sports spokeswoman Leslie Anne Wade explained that the production crew kept cutting away from cameras that had condensation from the soggy conditions and kept wiping down the lenses as fast as possible between shots. In the control truck, they could see which of the 48 cameras needed to be cleared up.


"They're working pretty hard, and they're getting pretty clear pictures for the most part, for what the weather's like here," she said.


"Not easy conditions for anyone. Even our crew," Nantz noted on the air.


Maybe high-definition TV owners annoyingly got more than their money's worth, being able to see every drop and just how sharp - or not - fog can look on their fancy flat screens.


But it certainly was refreshing to see the elements affect a Super Bowl.


As usual, much of the day's viewing diet had more to do with quantity than quality.


But, how can the nation's highest-rated TV program - and the run-up to it - NOT be bloated?


Ingesting 10-plus hours of Super Bowl coverage forces you to act like an anaconda: Just unhinge your jaws, swallow your prey and try not to be too conscious of your distended, distorted body.


There isn't enough party dip in the world to give you that much indigestion (although the food segment with chef Bobby Flay came close).


The six-plus hours of pregame hoo-ha began at noon EST with an NFL Films recap of the season, "Road to the Super Bowl," with Tom Selleck capably filling the old John Facenda role of narrator.


Next came "Phil Simms All-Iron Team," which the neurotic Caveman from the Geico commercials gave a lighthearted beginning, middle and end.


The ever-needy Caveman tried to wheedle the picks out of Simms on the golf course before they were announced on the selection show - with limited success, and limited satisfaction.


Derrick Brooks? "I just don't get it," said the Caveman, who would have picked, uh, Bonnie Raitt.


The quality of the players' character (including Brooks') was a big determinant in being chosen for Simms' squad, which gave the show a heartwarming touch and made it appealing to casual fans.


Then came the four-hour "The Super Bowl Today," which - in the true commercial spirit of the whole affair - began with Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., who also was promoting the upcoming film "Norbit."


Just like every other Sunday of the football season, the CBS studio quartet of host James Brown along with analysts Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe made you miss the guys on Fox. They simply lack the chemistry of Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long et al. And no one on either show is as funny as Fox's Frank Caliendo.


The heart-tugging stories really kicked in during the last pregame extravaganza, almost ad nauseam - among them, Everson Walls' willingness to donate a kidney to former Dallas Cowboys teammate Ron Springs; Chicago Bears running back Thomas Jones' supportive family; a visit with soldiers in Iraq; and Bill Walsh's much-chronicled battle against cancer.


They even went all the way back to the tragically early deaths of long-ago Bears running backs Walter Payton and Brian Piccolo. (Hmmm. Might Netflix get a run on "Brian's Song"?)


Almost all of the ground covered was well-trod: Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison's taciturn tendencies; the Jekyll-Hyde performances of Rex Grossman; the matchup between the first two black coaches to lead their team to the NFL title game.


As you can imagine, all the feel-good segments got a lot more airtime than, say, the story about the Bears' Tank Johnson needing a judge's OK to get out of house arrest on gun-possession charges and travel to Miami.


The story barely got four minutes (remember: out of four hours!) including Esiason, Sharpe and Marino weighing in on whether Johnson should have been allowed to play. (Predictably, Esiason opposed Tank's participation, Sharpe defended it, and Marino came down hard in the middle of the issue).


Katie Couric, who can chant "We're No. 3" about CBS News, joined the guys, for yet another "very touching story indeed," as Brown put it after introducing the high-priced "Evening News" anchorwoman by citing her sports reporting credibility. ("She brings a sports background to the desk. She ran track - an outstanding cheerleader").


She tackled the topic of Hines Ward, last year's Super Bowl MVP, and his Korean mother, who was shunned in her native country because of her biracial marriage, winding up a single mother here, and the bigotry that mother and son were subjected to.


But isn't this a year-old story? Where's the fresh, hard-hitting news?


Before all those hours fully dedicated to hyping the game, "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer was broadcast from Dolphin Stadium. At least the conversation was a little more serious with new league commissioner Roger Goodell as a guest.


Meanwhile, Tim Russert's "Meet the Press" was busy with presidential candidate John Edwards. Who cares about that, right?

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Did anyone see Prince's commercial that ran during the Grammys? I hadn't given him much thought in recent years, but after he paid for airtime to say thanks to the public, I'm in love with him all over again! I'm such a sucker.

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Prince is a Hit!

Filed under: Prince


Posted Image


The Brits are grooving on Prince. The little purple one sold 140,000 tickets for seven shows in London in just 20 minutes. The online booking website crashed in the process. To meet the demand, eight more shows will be going on sale shortly.


Oh Prince, only you could pull off this look. He's a modern day Little Richard.


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Posted by: Jessica Marx


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London really has gone crazy for Prince as demand for the pop superstar's 21 dates in the capital has set new records.

Tickets to the first seven Prince shows at the O2 Arena sold out in minutes, leading the promoters to immediately add an additional eight nights, breaking the record 14-night residency put on at one arena by Pink Floyd.The ticketing agency dealing with the “3121” tour has even had to bring in new staff to cope with a selling rate that at one point reached 1,000 tickets per minute.

Rob Hallett, live promoter at AEG, said: "Prince is one of the greatest live acts of all time so we anticipated a big reaction and we weren't disappointed.

"The fact the ticket price is so reasonable and also included a copy of Prince's new album made this an opportunity for music fans and is perhaps a message to the entire industry. "Live music is what the public want and when they get the opportunity to experience an artist the caliber of Prince they can't get enough of it.

This proves yet again that given the right artists the live music industry is booming." Prince announced his huge live residency in London at a special press conference earlier this month, surprising everyone with the value and number of shows being put on. Tickets cost $31.21, to coincide with Prince's “3123” album and all ticket holders also get a free copy of the star's new album.


Source: Panachereport.com

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Rolling Stone's Daughter Prefers Prince Over Her Dad

Filed under: Prince


Posted Image


Because even rock stars' children hate it when their parents dance in public. Rolling Stones member, Ron Wood, has been instructed by his daughter, Leah, that he is absolutely not allowed to perform at her wedding. Instead, her choice for the event's entertainment is Prince. According to Leah, it's simply too painful for her to watch her dad strutting his stuff on stage. From WENN:

"He's asked if he can do a set but I've said no way. I love my dad, but he's too embarrassing. Other people may think it's cool - but not me. I wouldn't get a wink of sleep thinking about what he might get up to. I want Prince to perform instead."

Shit, if you're going to be bumped from getting to play at your daughter's wedding, it's nice to hear that it's by Prince. Imagine the slap in the face Ron would have received, had his daughter informed him that it would be less embarrassing for her if David Hasselhoff performed at her wedding, thanks.


Posted by: Lisa Timmons


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Purple Rain is 'best soundtrack'



Prince's Purple Rain has been named as the greatest soundtrack of all-time in a US magazine writers' poll.


It topped a list of 50 compiled by the editors of Vanity Fair magazine for a one-off publication called Movies Rock.


They called it a combination of "funk, R&B, pop, metal, and even psychedelia into a sound that defined the '80s".


But they described the film itself, released in 1984, as "perhaps the most badly-acted ever". The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night was number two on the list.


The reggae soundtrack to 1972 movie The Harder They Come, starring Jimmy Cliff, was third, ahead of Pulp Fiction and The Graduate.




1. Purple Rain

2. A Hard Day's Night

3. The Harder They Come

4. Pulp Fiction

5. The Graduate

6. Superfly

7. Trainspotting

8. Saturday Night Fever

9. American Graffiti

10. The Big Chill

Source: Movies Rock/Vanity Fair


Trainspotting, the 1996 adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel, was seventh.


Saturday Night Fever made eighth place, with the magazine calling its soundtrack "required listening for anyone looking to heat up the dancefloor".


"The white suit? Not so much," they added, referring to the outfit worn by star John Travolta.


Superfly, American Graffiti and The Big Chill also made the top 10.


The magazine is to launch alongside a US TV special about the stars, directors and musicians behind the movies in December.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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Who's The Bigger Baby?



Posted Image


A mother from PA is fighting back after a video featuring her 18-month old baby was pulled off YouTube. The video featured the baby dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." It was mostly seen by the mother's family, about 23 people. YouTube pulled the video after Univeral Music cried copyright infringement. The woman filed a complaint with YouTube and the video was put back up. She didn't stop there. She's suing Universal claiming they were abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Prince has previously said he was going to actively take down anybody who was using his music without authorization. Sources tell ABC News that Prince himself was directly involved in taking down the baby's video. He is serious.


The source said, "This guy scours the Internet. He's really intense about this stuff." He apparently came across the video and demanded it be taken down.


The article goes on and on and gets into how this lawsuit is important, because it involves a regular, everyday person. You can read it here .


Come on now Prince! If you spent as much time scouring the internet for videos of babies dancing to your music on making new music for yourself, you'd probably have a hit on your hands. Yes you gotta protect your shit, but a video of a baby dancing that is seen by like 23 people?! Pick your battles.


Isn't "Let's Go Crazy" about having sex, anyway? Damn, that baby is edgy.

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Guess I better not post all the videos of my kiddo dancing. Her dad was Prince obsessed when she was little. I love Prince too but pulling the video is a bit overkill. It's not like anyone was sampling his stuff, it's just a video of a kid and the music is his original recording. If anything he should be flattered anyone still listens to his music.

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Guess I better not post all the videos of my kiddo dancing. Her dad was Prince obsessed when she was little. I love Prince too but pulling the video is a bit overkill. It's not like anyone was sampling his stuff, it's just a video of a kid and the music is his original recording. If anything he should be flattered anyone still listens to his music.

Yeah, I would take it as a compliment and a bit of exposure for his old music. Guess not. :huh:

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Prince Asks Fan Sites To Remove Images of His Likeness


Prince has ordered several fan Web sites to remove any image that bears his likeness.


Internet sites HouseQuake.com, PrinceFams.com and Prince.org have been asked by the pop superstar's lawyers to comply with their demands immediately.


The outraged Web sites, who stand accused of copyright infringement, have now joined forces to form Prince Fans United in protest.


A statement on PrinceFansUnited.com reads: "It is our opinion that these threats are not made in an attempt to enforce valid copyright as Prince alleges in his threats, rather we believe they are attempts to stifle all critical commentary about Prince.


"We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of the freedom of speech and should not be allowed. Prince claims that fansites are not allowed to present any artwork with Prince's likeness, to the extreme that he has demanded the removal of fans' own photographs of their Prince-inspired tattoos and their vehicles displaying Prince-inspired license plates."

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Prince Promoters Join Internet Row



Prince's promoter AEG has joined the row over the use of the singer's image, accusing the unofficial fansites of "false representation."


The "Purple Rain" hitmaker came under fire earlier this week, after his representatives demanded three Web sites remove any unauthorized pictures of the star, citing copyright infringement.


The fansites hit back at the threat of legal papers and vowed to fight the case on behalf of the superstar's millions of fans worldwide.


But AEG -- working on behalf on Prince -- claim the Web sites involved are misrepresenting the artist's fans -- because many supporters have logged on to the official site to praise the move.


A statement from AEG reads, "Prince is not suing his fans, is not looking to penalize fans and nor is he looking to or inhibiting freedom of speech in any way.


"The action taken earlier this week was not to shut down fansites, or control comment. The issue was simply to do with in regards to copyright and no lawsuits have been filed.


"The three sites in question have falsely positioned themselves as representatives of millions of Prince fans. In fact, many have come out in support of Prince at his official site and even on the message boards of the unofficial sites in question."

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Okay, I respect Prince as a musical genius, but now he's starting to piss me off. What kind of world would it be if no one could use anyone's likeness on the Internet? It's total bullshit, and actually not so unlike the Paris Hilton v. Hallmark Cards crap. He is a performer. I'll bet he doesn't mind the big money he's made as a performer with lots of fans who've bought his music. But he doesn't want fansites to reproduce his image? Ridiculous and ungrateful and more than a touch nutso.

Edited by golden*girl

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The Prince and his post-Oscar bash



Prince preps for his post-Oscar party.


Forget the Academy Awards: The hottest ticket in Hollywood Sunday night is Prince's exclusive post-Oscars bash.


The diminutive divo has quietly cornered the market on exclusive awards parties. One source familiar with the RSVP list says names include "Katie and Tom, Will Smith, Salma and Penelope."


While previous parties have been held in hotel suites, this year's will take place at Prince's new home in Benedict Canyon. But not everyone has scored a golden ticket.


Leven Rambin gushed at the W magazine party at Sunset Tower that she had just been invited. (And for more on her controversial new role in "Lipstick Jungle," check out my Oscars blog.)


But across town at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Academy Award nominee Ruby Dee was being honored by Black Enterprise magazine, the party was news to her.


Of course, a thumping deejay made it very hard for the veteran actress to understand just what I was asking.


"What's that? Quincy Jones is having a party?" she asked.

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Okay, I respect Prince as a musical genius, but now he's starting to piss me off. What kind of world would it be if no one could use anyone's likeness on the Internet? It's total bullshit, and actually not so unlike the Paris Hilton v. Hallmark Cards crap. He is a performer. I'll bet he doesn't mind the big money he's made as a performer with lots of fans who've bought his music. But he doesn't want fansites to reproduce his image? Ridiculous and ungrateful and more than a touch nutso.


I agree - wonder if the has the red shoes and routinely clicks his heels (high) together and says, "I AM a vampire! Damn them all!" But seriously, he has always been that way - that's why he has changed his name to a symbol - geniuses are always so tortured...

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Prince to headline Coachella festival




Prince will headline the ninth annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, festival promoters announced Wednesday.


The Purple One will be the featured act on day two of the giant summer music festival, a three-day affair that runs April 25-27 in Indio, Calif.


He joins a lineup that includes Jack Johnson and Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd singer-songwriter who will close the festival.


Also slated to perform: the Raconteurs, Kraftwerk, Portishead, My Morning Jacket, M.I.A., Death Cab for Cutie and the Verve, among others.




Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press

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Prince Getting $4 Million For Payday For Coachella?



According to reports, superstar Prince will be paid $4 million to perform at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.


The singer will headline Saturday night at the three-day music event in California, which begins on April 25.

But he was only added to the festival line-up in a bid to increase ticket sales, according to an online entertainment blog.


A source tells the website, "Prince was a late addition to the line-up. The promoters added him to try and sell more tickets and make up for a less than stellar - in comparison to years past - roster of performers. The exact amount Prince is getting paid for his Coachella performance is $4.8 million."


Source: starpulse

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Coachella brings Prince, Roger Waters to desert



No festival is more predicated on the elements than the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.


One of the summer's biggest festival destinations, Coachella is defined by its desert setting, where palm trees abound and California mountain ranges hover. At the Indio, Calif. festival, temperatures routinely top 100 degrees during the day, before yielding to cool, purple-sky nights.


More than 150,000 fans are expected to converge on Friday for the ninth annual Coachella festival where more than 125 bands will gather for three days of desert performances.


"There is a magical feel that you get out there," said festival founder Paul Tollett. "It's different than most festivals — I'm not saying better, but different. There seems to be a lot of life to the show, a lot of personality."


This year's edition seemed to be lacking Coachella's typical buzz, but two weeks ago, Prince was announced as the Saturday headliner, immediately elevating the lineup with a rarely seen and almost universally beloved act.


Landing Prince was the culmination of a nearly decade-long pursuit of the R&B/rock/pop star, who — it's believed — hasn't played a festival since headlining the now-defunct Mill City Music Festival in his native Minneapolis in 1999. That same year, when Prince was in much demand due to his "1999" hit, Tollett wanted the artist at the first Coachella.


"It's just taken nine years to get it together," said Tollett, who declined to say how much Prince is being paid but said the reported $4.8 million figure is wrong. "It's great for the festival, for sure, and I think it's going to be great for him."


Though the festival has its deepest roots in indie and electronic music, it's long been able to come through with major pop acts that draw crowds, yet don't upset the festival's balance. The notable exception was in 2006, when the late addition of Madonna riled some fans. This time, Prince has been applauded "across the board" said Tollett, who also heads concert promoter Goldenvoice.


And, of course, Prince is just one of dozens. Jack Johnson will headline the Friday show, with the Verve and the Raconteurs playing sets ahead of him. In the Sahara Tent, where electronic acts typically play, will be Fatboy Slim and Aphex Twin.


Before Prince plays on Saturday will be the reunited Portishead, Kraftwerk and Death Cab for Cutie, while M.I.A. and Hot Chip are among those playing in the Sahara tent.


Roger Waters headlines the main stage on Sunday, with sets by My Morning Jacket and Gogol Bordello beforehand.


The sunset and late-night sets are the plum slots; the rest have to weather the sun.


Stephen Malkmus, whose former band Pavement is considered one of the most influential acts to many playing at Coachella, will return for the first time since playing at its inaugural 1999 festival.


"Pavement had to play in the hot sun and Pavement was bigger than the Jicks," said Malkmus, referring to his current band. "That's what they do to you. I'm still grateful, in a way, to play there."


"It's a chance to play your guitar loud, blaring out of a big PA system — and that's fun," added Malkmus, whose set is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.


Malkmus said that, like many, he's looking most forward to seeing Prince, who he counts as the "biggest artist of the `80s as far as I'm concerned." For many of the other bands, though, Coachella can be a lucrative boost to tours on thin budgets.


"For most bands, to be honest, if it's a good paycheck, you want to go there," said Malkmus. "It can be an anchor for your tour, make it so you didn't lose money."


Tollett believes the desert can react particularly well to certain kinds of music, recalling Coachella performances by Radiohead, the Pixies and Rage Against the Machine. Waters' set, which will include Pink Floyd classics, is the most likely performance this year to elicit exclamations of "Trippy, dude," from concertgoers.


"To watch `Dark Side of the Moon' and songs from `The Wall' with all those palm trees and the sky and everything," said Tollett, "it'll be pretty incredible."




On the Net:






Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press

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Portishead Upset With Prince



British group PORTISHEAD fear their performance at the Coachella Festival on Saturday night (26Apr08) will be "awful" - because PRINCE will be following them on the event’s main stage.


Synth-pop pioneers Kraftwerk were initially billed to headline Saturday, but Prince was added to the line-up earlier this month (Mar08) in a bid by festival bosses to boost disappointing ticket sales.


And now the Dummy hitmakers have had to draft in extra sound engineers to make sure the pop superstar’s crew don’t take over the festival.


Outspoken Portishead star Geoff Barrow says, "It was gonna be us and Kraftwerk, which was amazing for us to play with Kraftwerk. Then I knew the tickets hadn’t been selling well for the concert, so they put Prince in.


"Prince is gonna turn up with a 40-person entourage. With the sound men not allowing us to soundcheck, then you end up with this horrible situation where you’re playing to a shed load of Americans without a soundcheck… It could be awful.


"We’ve actually hired another two people just to make sure the sound is good… just to fight in our corner."


Source: pr-inside

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Prince plays Coachella, covers Radiohead




INDIO, Calif. (AP) — "Coachella, I am here." Prince hit the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with that announcement, heralding his arrival as the much-anticipated headliner of the summer festival.


Shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, Prince strutted onto the stage wearing white pants and a white shirt with glittery fringe. His performance, the centerpiece of the three-day festival, was announced only two weeks ago, immediately making an already very hip festival of 125-plus bands significantly more in-demand.


And Prince knew it.


"You are the coolest place on earth right now!" Prince declared to a sea of tens of thousands.


Prince, who had been sought out to perform at Coachella since the festival was founded nine years ago, told the crowd that when he agreed to perform, he informed the organizers that he would not only play, but party too.


True to his word, Prince then launched his band — complete with a horn section and background singers — into "Jungle Love." Morris Day came out to sing his song, while Prince strolled around the stage with his guitar.


For the beginning of the show, Prince preferred to let his guitar do the talking. He also welcomed the singer and drummer Sheila E, who took the lead for a song and then joined Prince in an extended jam.


Finally, Prince satisfied the crowd with a celebratory performance of "1999." His classic "Little Red Corvette" soon followed.


One of the big surprises of Prince's concert was his cover of Radiohead's "Creep," which was sure to be one of Coachella's most talked-about performances. With some lyrics adjusted, a ripping guitar solo and extended falsetto crooning for a finale, Prince's "Creep" had the crowd slack-jawed.


To close the set, he gave another unique take on a song not his own: the Beatles' "Come Together." He urged the audience — whom he called his "choir" — to sing "Come together, yeah" over and over.


And just as trepidation was beginning to take hold in the crowd that Prince might actually leave without playing "Purple Rain," he returned to confirm that even in the desert, it could rain purple.


Even after the encore, though, he came back for more.


"They're telling me that we got to go, but I can't leave!" Prince shouted. He then flew through a torrid version of "Let's Go Crazy."


Prince had widely been considered the one act most all concertgoers — a diverse 60,000 of indie rockers, electronica dancers and pop fans — were certain to see. And by the end of "Let's Go Crazy," Prince had seemed to put his stamp on Coachella lore.


"From now on, this is Prince's house," he shouted before triumphantly strutting off stage and tossing his guitar 30 feet behind him.




Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press.

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Prince's 21 Nights



Ever wonder what the legendary, and oft-private Prince is like when he's not on stage? Well fans are soon to find out. ET confirms that the singer will present his first book, 21 Nights, this fall.


The multi-media book goes behind the scenes of Prince's record-breaking, sold-out 21 concerts in 21 nights at London's 02 Arena in 2007 and also includes 124 full-color, never-before-seen photographs.


"We are tremendously honored and excited by this opportunity to present this lyrical and visually rich book from Prince that captures the spirit and voluptuous sound of his brilliant 21-night residency at the O2 concert hall in London," says Judith Curr of Atria Books. "21 Nights is an innovative multi-media book project created by a musical visionary and uncompromising artist, an invitation to experience a side Prince has not revealed until now."


Source: theinsideronline.com

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