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21 May 2018 - 11:10 AM

The Spencer family made quite a splash!


In Topic: British Royals

20 May 2018 - 06:54 AM

Bishop Curry - North Carolinian, y'all! I loved the sermon and it didn't faze me at all, though in retrospect, I guess it wasn't at all what was expected, was it?
Also, having attended a Jesuit university, loved the Teilhard de Chardin reference!!

I thought great, and really didn’t find anything unusual about it, but all of my British friends were posting on FB about how he was too American and over the top. That’s why the looks on the faces of the royal family were making me laugh so hard. I’d like to invite them to a Pentecostal Church and let them see what over the top American preaching looks like. If they think the Episcopalians are too much (and I spent 5 years of my life working full time in an Episcopal Church) they ain’t seen nothing yet.

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19 May 2018 - 03:25 PM

Some good shots of the guest outfits:

I just got home from kids tournament. Havent watched the wedding yet so just commenting on whats here.
Lady Kitty Spencer Is my favorite. Dress fits perfectly and she looks great. Cressida.... was the other one there too (oh, I se her) ? Carey Mulligan not wearing a hat. I thought that was specified on the invite? Zara looks adorable, Pippa has an awful face (nothing new there) and poor Oprah. That dress was not flattering,

ETA: Im starting to watch the tape. I apologize to Oprah. She looks lovely. Just a bad still photo.

ETA (again) Finished. My absolute favorite was Zara Tindalls expression during the sermon by the presiding bishop.
My husband and I were laughing so hard

In Topic: British Royals

18 May 2018 - 12:08 PM

Relating to this blind, Ive noticed that all articles in the British press that Ive seen today only say Charles is stepping in because of her fathers ill health. There is no longer any mention of the fact that he dropped out before the health thing.

  The Bigs Versus The Smalls  
May 17, 2018
[Blind Gossip]
This story involves one wedding and two families. Lets call them Big Family and Small Family.
Actress Smalls relatives are are seething today over Actress influence on the media. They say that she is seriously damaging their entire family.

[The Smalls] were all set to make some money by doing commentary on her and the wedding. However, a liaison for [Big Family] called in a favor to keep them off the air! (Actually, it might have been more of a threat than a favor.) Basically, their liaison told the program that if they put any of [Smalls] relatives on air, [Big Family] would consider it a grievous breach of decorum and would cut off the program and possibly the network from future access to Actress Small and the entire [Big Family].
The program and the network panicked. It only took about an hour for them to capitulate and cancel on [The Smalls]. [The Smalls ] did put up an enormous fuss about it. They were going on about [Actress] and [The Bigs] and how everyone was conspiring to hurt their family.

Fuss all you like, Smalls! You are not going to mess with The Bigs OR Actress Smalls big day!
Similar: Vacation Ingratiation
Actress Smalls:
Big Family:
[Optional] What do you think of the behavior of The Bigs and The Smalls leading up to the wedding?

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18 May 2018 - 10:44 AM

The only one that I am really sad about is Kevin probably saves the world. My mom and I both watch that its just a sweet nice cute show. I tried watching great news for a while but I just could not do it