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Today, 10:50 AM



I'm pretty excited for Ocean's 8!!!!

In Topic: Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

Today, 06:26 AM

A$$hole responds: https://pagesix.com/...ed-allegations/

In Topic: Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

Yesterday, 10:29 AM

Salma Hayek - very powerful (to me) and well-written op-ed about Weinstein.



In Topic: This Land is Our Land

Yesterday, 06:50 AM

That race should NOT have been that close. Damn white women again.


I know it's just single issue voters (and in 2016, my single issue was "Anyone but Trump") but it still makes me crazy....Of course, polls suggest that 75% of AL Republicans didn't believe the sexual assault allegations, which explains a lot. Those same people are so pro-birth (NOT pro-life) that electing someone who wants to force women to carry a pregnancy to term is more important than preventing someone who harassed and assaulted teenagers from going to the Senate......See, pro-birth, because that collection of cells is more important than what happens to a 14 yr old....


Sorry, this makes me more than a little angry. I am happy today. Elated that so many more people are contacting groups like She Should Run to get on ballots across the country.....

In Topic: Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

11 December 2017 - 09:58 AM



Or, as a friend of mine posted on FB, "Pervy Crocs" ;-)