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    He's not a celeb; he was a grifting prosperity gospel shill, COVID & vaccine denier, and it's extremely difficult for me to feel bad someone like that died. I feel much worse for anyone who sickens and/or dies based on his very wrong teachings.
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    Exactly. An anti-vaxxer who died from covid? Once less problem on this earth, from what I can see.
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    ^^^^^^^This. All of this.
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    My sister's birthday is coming up and couldn't think of what to get her. Bingo! Happy birthday message from James (Spike) via Cameo!
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    Directv is airing all the movie channels free this weekend so I recorded the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Fucking awesome. Carole King & the Go-Gos. In love!!!! (also, the Go-Gos gave me my 2021 dress code - plaid, leather, sequins, combat boots - GenX represent!!)