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    I'm thinking Beeb's family is going to want him to try to annul the marriage in the next few months (while his bride no doubt will try to get herself knocked up). Hence my vote. But it will be a race to see if annulment/baby comes first.
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    Oh, and Of Course biebs and his child bride will split. But, I don’t think it’ll happen until they spit out a poor baby or two, just to make the situation extra-sad and the inevitable divorce extra-messy. Ergo, they did not receive my vote.
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    And -- thanks Kath!! I love this topic every year
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    We could always have two polls! One for old standards, and one for new hits. Usually I have to ponder this one awhile but if the Beibs and Mrs. Biebs make it to 2020, I'll suck my own damn toes. So Biebs it is.
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    Folks, family stuff kept me from updating this for 2019. But fear not: new poll will be available in the next 48 hours...
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    Yep, I think Baldwin & Biebs need at least one baby pre-divorce as well, which is why I voted for Kit & Rose.....Cheating during the engagement, dude, that's so wrong.....
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    What, no Meghan and Harry????? Only kidding, Kath. You've got some great choices this year. It just may be time to finally move on from Natalie and Benjamin.
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    Uh-oh - Chris Pratt announced his engagement to Kathryn Schwarzenegger overnight.....
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    Well, my preference for the poll would be to include the same couples year after year, since we know it’s inevitable that the vast majority will split... it’s just a matter of when. I find it interesting to track relationships over time and watch them develop and disintegrate. However, many of you have indicated that you prefer novelty over continuity. So here we have it! In your honour, a list with many new-to-the-poll celebrity and semi-celebrity couples. (But be warned: next year I will indulge myself and return to including mostly our Golden Oldy couples.) Enjoy!
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    Buying Baby Clothes January 16, 2019 [Blind Gossip] You may have read a rumor that this young celebrity couple is pregnant with their first child. Not yet. They are definitely trying, though! She said in December that she is ready to have a baby right now. She even bought some baby clothes (even though she said she wasn’t pregnant). Just some onesies and a couple of hats and some socks. Too cute! They are in a big hurry for children. Well, she is, at least. He’s cool with it, though.
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    It's always such a hard decision, who to vote for in this poll!! Because there are couples you never think will make it but they do and others that just split POOF out of nowhere (which clearly isn't from out of nowhere, they just keep their shit private so we gossipers don't know what's going on....)
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    Kit and Rose were my second choice. The only reason I didn’t choose them is that the cheating rumors have been around for a while so she knew and chose to stay with him and marry him anyway. While I don’t think they’ll make it long term I figure she is willing to take a bit more humiliation before she leaves him since she a) married him despite knowing he’s cheated on her, and b) hasn’t left him since the latest cheating scandal with pictures was revealed. But I was very very close to choosing them.
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    https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/broadway-legend-carol-channing-dead-at-97/ar-BBSgZoj?OCID=ansmsnnews11 I actually had the chance to see Carol Channing in Hello Dolly! -- she was fabulous. I remember that her eye lashes were so long and she got so close to her co-star that he laughed while trying to keep in character. She was a legend and definitely one of a kind. RIP Dolly.
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    This is how I voted too this year.
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    Ha ha just coming here to post this info too!!
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    I used to try to pick mostly A-list (or A-list adjacent) couples. But this year, in an attempt to give y’all the fresh blood you crave😉, I’ve included many less illustrious names. Hope you like ‘em.
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    Moderators: if this poll hasn’t already been closed, Please do so. Thank you.